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Photo by Evan Krape, University of Delaware


You just got home from your parent-teacher conference and the news you received was disheartening: your child is struggling in school. They are intelligent, but have displayed learning, attention or mild social/emotional challenges that have affected their success in the classroom.

You think to yourself, “Where do I go from here?” Fortunately, there is a school that can help children who learn differently find success in the classroom.

The College School, serving students in first through eighth grades, offers supportive learning in a unique university setting. With small class sizes, a challenging curriculum and a committed partnership within the University of Delaware, students may choose to stay through eighth grade or return to a traditional school setting in as few as two to three years.

Read on to learn why The College School may be the right choice for your child.


The College School offers a personalized approach

The average student to teacher ratio is 5:1. A master teacher leads each classroom and is supported by an assistant. Every child receives the coaching they deserve. Whether this comes in the form of intervention or enrichment, The College School teachers are adept in differentiating instruction for a broad range of learning. 

Technology is also an integral part of the supports offered to students at The College School. The student computer ratio is 1:1. Individual students utilize the assistive features as part of their “tool box” or “school tools” to assist them in their learning throughout the curriculum. Additionally, virtual reality goggles are available to offer visual support to students learning abstract concepts.  For instance, when students are learning about Ancient Egyptian pyramids in Social Studies, they virtually visit and “walk” through the pyramids.


Students at The College School can explore the human body, the Earth and the solar system using virtual reality
goggles. // Photo by Evan Krape, University of Delaware


The College School’s STEAM Curriculum

STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, engages children in a more practical learning environment. Representing Delaware as a Project Lead The Way school, The College School centers on strong communication, extensive problem-solving and hands-on education.

For example, middle school students recently designed a support boot for a child with cerebral palsy. They worked in small groups to generate concepts, design a solution, build and test their solution, evaluate their prototype and present their designs to the class.

Students have also designed furniture out of newspaper and engineered cell replicas through the use of a 3D printer. The STEAM program allows students to demonstrate their knowledge while fostering their sense of creativity and self-discovery.


A UD teacher candidate encourages students as they evaluate a science experiment, under the observation of the
classroom’s master teacher.// Photo by Evan Krape, University of Delaware


The College School has an extensive support staff

The teachers at The College School provide ongoing coaching to their students, not only to advance their academic competencies, but to develop their social and emotional profiles as well. Additional support is provided by a part-time literacy specialist, occupational therapist, language pathologist, school psychologist and a full-time graduate student. Of course, the 12-week placements, complete with teacher candidates and the countless sessions with University mentors at TCS, assist in completing this exceptional learning environment for children.

With the right school, children who learn differently can find success in the classroom.


graduate students IN UD’S school psychology program provide individual counseling, ASSESSMENT AND SMALL GROUP
SUPPORT TO STUDENTS.// Photo by Evan Krape, University of Delaware


The College School fosters relationships within The University of Delaware

Few schools in the United States can claim the close collaboration and strong ties that The College School enjoys with a major institution like the University of Delaware. As a part of the College of Education and Human Development, students receive the benefit of progressive methods and instruction from teachers who are professional or clinical faculty members at the University.

In addition, children interact daily with eager teacher candidates, graduate students and researchers whose primary goal is to enhance this educational environment for children with learning differences. 

As a result, many TCS students feel like they’re “in college,” as they take outings and tours of UD facilities (i.e. the STAR Campus), join the undergraduates on Friday outings to the dining halls and view music and theater performances on campus. Many families report that these experiences leave a life-long impression on their children.


Photo by Evan Krape, University of Delaware


“It would not be an exaggeration to say that The College School changed our daughter’s life. She entered third grade struggling to read, despite intensive tutoring. At The College School, she received personalized reading instruction in a caring environment. After 2 years, she was reading at grade level. Now a sophomore in high school, she is taking honors and AP classes. Our daughter would not be the successful student she is today without The College School.”


Many students at The College School have language-based or math-based learning differences (i.e. dyslexia, dyscalculia). Some are challenged by ADHD or executive function and auditory processing disorders, while others simply need a smaller classroom environment to flourish.

Susan K. Gray founded Beechwood in 1970, a school for children needing special attention to acquire basic skills. The school remained in Wilmington for 15 years before moving to Newark. In the summer of 1988, Beechwood moved to the College of Education at the University of Delaware and was renamed The College School. It is now located on UD’s Children’s Campus on Wyoming Road in Newark.

To schedule a tour or to learn more about The College School, visit the website, call (302) 831-0222 or email tcsud@udel.edu.

The College School
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