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Choosing the right appliances for your kitchen

Whether remodeling your entire kitchen or looking to add a single upgrade, it’s important to choose the best products that will last for years to come. One of the best investments you can make to your kitchen is the appliances.

With an ever-growing array of choices on the market today, it is important to consider your options and select appliances that provide the features and style you want, that will last for years to come.

Today’s kitchens are becoming high-tech and colorful, with a focus on convenience. When making your next appliance selection, consider the following:



Consider professional-grade quality for the home

Whether you’re a budding chef or culinary maestro, now more than ever before you can enjoy the benefits of commercial-grade kitchen fixtures and appliances without them necessarily having to look that way. Pro-style products are elegant and understated to integrate seamlessly with a variety of design aesthetics, while maintaining high-powered performance and hardworking functionality.



Add speed with induction cooking

Induction cooking relies on magnetic technology to heat the cookware and uses far less electricity than standard cooktops and ranges. The heating response isn’t just fast—it is instant! You can boil a pot of water in three minutes. And because induction cooking only heats the pot and the area directly under it, the surrounding area is safe to the touch even when in use.



Add color in new places

Many homeowners keep their kitchen looking fresh and vibrant by adding a pop of color to an accent wall or by selecting colorfully coordinated dishes, pots and pans, and small appliances. Building on this trend, a pop of color in a nontraditional space such as the exterior door of a range or the interior of a refrigerator is a fun and unexpected design detail.

From cooking up culinary creations to storing fresh ingredients, appliance purchases are an investment in productivity. Don’t simply replace an appliance; select an option that is larger, faster and stylish enough to meet your needs for years to come.

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