April 2022

Bookmark This Steeplechase Schedule for Races in and Around Delaware

Race season is here! Get ready for some of the best races in and around the First State with our complete guide for the year.

Learn All the Steeplechase Lingo With This Glossary

People all around Delaware love race season, and learning the language is part of the fun. Here are the terms to know to be a steeplechase expert.

This Labrusca Rosso Wine Is Perfect for Picnics in Delaware

With the weather warming up, Lini 910 Labrusca Rosso is the perfect wine pairing to bring your spring picnics to the next level.

The Three Voices Who Call the Races in and Around Delaware

As we prepare for race season in Delaware, meet Tony Bentley, Michael Finney and Erik Gudmundson, the three personalities who call the races.

Meet Willowdale Steeplechase’s Two Beneficiaries

As a nonprofit organization, Willowdale Steeplechase raises funds for clean water and veterinary excellence. Here are the two beneficiaries.
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An Inside Look at the History of the Races in and Around Delaware

For more than 40 years, Delaware has celebrated its own version of the Kentucky Derby each May. Here's a look at the beginnings of this beloved tradition. 

Delaware Experts Share Advice on Creating a Sustainable Home

 From natural light to vegetable gardens, Delaware experts weigh in on creative ways to make your home more environmentally friendly from the inside out.

How Delaware Foster Parents Are Nurturing Hope in the Lives of Children

Delaware foster care families speak about housing children in need—and how the benefits far outweigh any challenges.

Jack Russell Terrier Races Are an Adorable Steeplechase Prelude

Horses aren’t the only creatures that run, jump and compete at Willowdale. The Jack Russell Terrier Races remain a Willowdale tradition.

How to Prepare for Tornadoes and Earthquakes in Delaware

Wondering what to do if and when earthquakes and tornadoes threaten to strike in and around Delaware? Here's what to know.
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