Delaware Today January 2009

The Anti-Aging Program

The latest and greatest cosmetic procedures.

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby. Or Have You?

Are pregnant women and moms profiled during job interviews? Should pregnancy and family responsibilities damage your career plans? Local women have learned first hand. (Gentlemen, you should read this, too.)

Our Public High Schools

Public schools face bigger challenges than ever, yet many succeed where others fear to tread. Herein, the high schools ranked, with the latest on testing programs, new charters, the budget crunch and more, so that you may plan your child’s education wisely.


Thirty years after buses first moved city kids into suburban schools and suburban kids into the city, some worry Wilmington is lapsing into re-segregation.

Look Before You Leap

When considering your first cosmetic procedure, here are some things to know. Plus, cosmetic vs. reconstructive and the rise of the medispa.
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Mr. Vice President The Legacy of Joseph R. Biden Jr.—So Far

As the nation welcomes our own Joe Biden into the country’s second most important office, we celebrate the aspects of life and work that have made him one of the country’s longest-serving senators: family man, party leader, crime fighter, civil rights champion, scholar of the Constitution and foreign policy expert. Delawareans now wait to see the new ways in which Joe will make us proud.


Search out warm, authentic Italian cuisine from our local standouts.

Delaware Home & GardenFall/Winter 2008

Learn how to decorate for the holidays the natural way and visit a Pike Creek couple who dressed up their new home with casual elegance. Plus, great wallcoverings, beautiful bathrooms and more.

Delaware BrideFall/Winter 2008

                  Editor's Letter Glitz & Glamour The romance and elegance of Hollywood's gilded age returns. Sweet Surprises Unique design...

Delaware Health & Fitness Fall/Winter 2008

                    Salad Days Think that plate of tossed greens with cherry vinaigrette and goat cheese from...
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Our Women in Business Upstate Luncheon Is December 6!