Delaware Today September 2010

Foodies for Fun

The creative minds behind Chelsea Tavern believe in bold flavor, good taste and some culinary wit. It’s a winning combination.

Nourishing Community

A new urban farm means good food for all—and a great market for localvores.

The Pain in Joy

“The Color Purple” makes a stop at the DuPont Theatre. Plus, the Brandywine Festival of the Arts returns, the Bethany Beach Jazz Funeral turns 25, and more.


The Gabby Guy breaks bread with the tastemakers who will help determine the new menu for a makeover of a supremely stylish Wilmington restaurant, then gorges on great food and great dish at the annual Best of Delaware Party (Part I).

The Perfect Fit

A historic home in a historic city neighborhood proved just right for the Burke family.
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Spa Secrets

Slide behind the chair with Delaware’s beauty experts. They know your secrets. Now, here are some of theirs.

A Slick Response?

An oil spill the size of the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is not likely to happen in our waters. Still, the state has a plan—just in case.


Sister authors hope to heal through writing. Plus, Blue Hens fashion a green dress, Barry Schlecker is the life behind the parties, and more.

Greenberg's Pastures

If ever you get tired of the view, try looking through different eyes. A refreshed vision of the state is an amazing thing.

Bonded by Tragedy

The murder of policemen changes entire cities. It changed little Georgetown, too, but in a way no one ever expected.
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