Delaware Today September 2010

The Arts Preview: Show Time

We asked the directors of our esteemed arts organizations to name one exhibit or performance that you absolutely must see. Here are their picks.

Black and White?

Was the firing of Delaware Theatre Company’s artistic director motivated by a controversial play, or was it something else?

Who Makes What?

Money makes the world go ’round, but how much green does it take to run Delaware? Take a peek at some of your neighbors’ paychecks in our latest Salary Survey.

2010 Mosaic Delaware’s 20th Anniversary

Held at the Executive Banquet & Conference Center in Newark on May 20th. About...

Lions and Legends 2010 Equal Opportunity Day Celebration

Held at the Chase Center on the Riverfront on May 20th. About 375 participants...
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2010 Cocktail Party Fundraiser

At Thomas B. Coursey House in Felton on May 16th. About 250 people helped...

2010 3rd Annual Jasper Crane Rose Garden Party

At Brandywine Park in Wilmington on June 3rd. About 150 attendees helped raise more...

Yo Ho Ho

Dale Clifton has created a museum of maritime artifacts to rival any. For free, he’ll regale you with story after story of shipwreck lore—and maybe a dram of the finest cane hooch the sea has ever revealed.

Our Women in Business Upstate Luncheon Is December 6!