September 2023


These Beach Boutiques Offer a Personal Touch in Delaware

The personal touch at beach boutiques appeals to tourists and locals alike.

4 Iconic Bakeries Everyone Needs to Visit in Delaware

These four iconic bakeries embrace tradition to satisfy modern tastes for lovers of all things sweet in Delaware.

This Root Beer Float Is a Glass of Nostalgia in Delaware

Libation of the Month Root Beer Float Where to Find It All SoDel Concepts restaurants including the...

Marie Dillard Wants to Move Communities Through Music

Marie Dillard, a violist and senior at St. Andrew's School, is on a mission to introduce people of color to classical music.

The Emerging Curators Platform Supports Artistic Inclusivity in Delaware

The morning sunlight shines bright and clear on the massive stone clock face that...
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529 Plans Help Delaware Parents Save for Their Children’s Education

Saving for college? Learn more about federal tax-free plans for First State residents.

This Rehoboth Home Transformation Embraces Coastal Vibes

Interior designer Kelley Gable knows Rehoboth (she lives there, as well as in Severna...

These Accessories Add a Whimsical Touch to Delaware Bedrooms

These sophisticated yet playful pieces create a bedroom that's both magical and all grown up.

These New Castle County Homes Tempt With Top Locations

With prime locations and charm from the inside out, these two homes in New Castle County are absolutely delightful.

The Fall Beach Events to Add to Your Calendar in Delaware

Music workshops, film festivals, Halloween beer, a wine festival, family-friendly events and more at Delaware beaches this fall.
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