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Introduction to Kent County Neighborhoods

Kent is the heartland of Delaware, home to more than 125,000 people. The county seat, Dover, laid out in 1717, has also the state capital since 1777. Comprising small towns such as Smyrna, Clayton, Wyoming, Camden and others, Kent is also home to vast areas of farmland, so residents enjoy a mix of small-town life and country living. Thanks to low property taxes, the area is also growing into a retirement Mecca, with new communities being built regularly. Kent is home to Dover Air Force Base, one of the busiest in the country, and with so much shoreline on the Delaware Bay, it preserves the culture of local watermen. With its long and rich history, Kent is home to many interesting museums and historical sites, such as The Green, a Colonial market square in Dover, the John Dickinson Plantation, the stunning Biggs Museum of American Art, the Delaware Agricultural Museum and more.

Kent County Map

Harrington Wyoming Camden Little Creek Leipsic Smyrna Dover