5 Dos for Take Your Dog to Work Day

Because if Fido isn’t happy, nobody’s happy.

Dogs and dog owners will go bow-wow for Friday’s Take Your Dog to Work Day. The event, created by the Pet Sitters International organization, is intended to celebrate man’s best friend and to promote pet adoptions. Participating businesses have invited their employees to bring along their dogs for the day, in hopes to encourage non-pet owners to adopt from their local rescue shelter or adoption site. Here are some tips that will make Fido 9-5 ready:  

1. No Fire Hydrants Here – Make sure that your dog is house trained before bringing him/her to work. The last thing your boss needs is to step in a puddle of your dog’s doing.

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2. Stretch Their Legs (And Yours!) – On your lunch hour make sure you take your dog for a walk. Taking him or her to a nearby park or just a couple of laps around your workplace is a great opportunity to give your dog its daily exercise and keep it from becoming restless.

3. No Dog Allergies – Ensure that no one in your office is allergic to dogs or animal fur before bringing in your four-legged friend. Hypo-allergenic dogs may be the best option for the workplace, in the event of allergies.

4. Chew Toys Galore – Bring along its favorite chew toy to keep your dog occupied and out of your office trash can. Keep in mind that because your dog is in a new environment, items that tend to have your scent, such as your office chair, might appear to them as their latest chew toy.

5. Introductions Are Necessary – Introduce your dog to new dogs one at a time. Animals will find each other, but it is important to let them do so at the beginning of the workday, so that all greetings will be out of the way.

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