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7 Tips for Finding Delaware Food Trucks


Happy crowds linger near the Wildwich food truck, famous for hearty sandwiches./Photo by Jim Coarse

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Probably the most difficult thing about frequenting a food truck is finding the food truck in the first place. Busy owners frequently fail to reveal upcoming locations; emails and texts are in many cases ignored; updates to trucks’ social media platforms are sporadic at best.

It pays to be proactive in your pursuit of these roadside gems—here are some tips from an admittedly exhausted food-truck hound:

Search for the truck’s page on Facebook and Instagram.
These have become the preferred platforms for many trucks’ marketing efforts.

Check the truck’s website.
Too many are unhelpful, but a few offer newsletter sign-ups.

Check the local breweries.
Many will have a local food truck on site to help please the beer-sipping (and hungry) visitors.

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Go to the festivals.
Food trucks swarm the bigger events, especially in spring and fall.

Keep an eye out for food-truck-centric events.
The Rodney Square Farmer’s Market is a hotspot for lunch from May through October. Peco’s Liquor Store on Philadelphia Pike hosts “Food Truck Fridays” from March through August on the first Friday of the month.

Pay attention to the side of the road.
That’s where some of the best-kept food-truck secrets reside.

Get a job at a big bank.
JPMorgan Chase and other companies located in out-of-the-way office towers often hire the trucks to serve employees.


Many mobile food vendors will happily haul their truck to family and business events, and in Delaware that market has been streamlined somewhat by the creation of “Rolling Revolution,” Delaware’s Mobile Vending and Food Truck Association. The group’s website—rollingrev.com—has a query form to begin the process of finding the truck that’s right for you.