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Award-Winning Photographer Kevin Fleming to Host Workshop in Lewes on June 29



Most people solely rely on their cell phones for photography purposes these days, but those interested in taking their skills a step further should consider taking Kevin Fleming’s summer photography workshop.

Fleming is an award-winning photographer and Delaware native who attended Wesley College and spent a decade photographing for National Geographic. He is hosting a one-day photography workshop this Saturday, June 29, in Lewes and attendance is limited to the first 30 registrants.

The goal is to help develop and improve participants’ eye for photography, and help them make photographs rather than simply take pictures.

The workshop runs from 10 a.m.-4 p.m and during this time, Fleming will instruct how he photographs portraits, landscapes, wildlife, action and aerials. He will also give instruction on camera and lens elements by covering camera basics including lens settings, shutter speeds, depth of field/shutter speed comparison and how to correctly use a camera to give better mastery of photography.

He will also discuss light, color, shape and composition in regard to photographing portraits, landscapes, wildlife, sports and macro subjects. There will even be coverage of post-production practices, including the basic tools of Photoshop, effective cropping and more.

The price of the workshop is $150, and participants will receive an autographed copy of Fleming’s book, “The Heart of America” or “Wild Delmarva” (a $50 value). A catered lunch is included. The workshop will be held in the Lewes Public Library at 111 Adams Ave., Lewes.

This seminar is for photographers with some experience who want to improve their skills. To get the most from this class, you should be using a digital, single-lens reflex camera (not a point-and-shoot).

To reserve your spot, click here.