7 Coastal Craft Brews to Pair with your Thanksgiving Dinner

These locally-brewed beers are sure to be a hit this holiday


Not everyone at the dinner table prefers to have wine at Thanksgiving. Fortunately, good craft beer is easy to find in Sussex County. (Note that some selections are only available as growlers or crowlers.)

Before the main event

Space Otter

When you’re watching football, sip something light so you don’t get too full before the main event, says Matt Patton, beer director for SoDel Concepts. He says he typically reaches for Mispillion River Brewing’s Space Otter.

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“It’s one of my go-to local brands for pale ales,” says Patton.

Patton is a certified cicerone, which is similar to a sommelier, but for beer rather than wine.

Social Kolsch​

Try this light brew by Dewey Beer Co. with Thanksgiving Day appetizers, Patton suggests.

“It’s an easy drinking beer,” he says.

Turkey time

Liquid Truth Serum­­­­­

Mariah Calagione, vice president at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, plans to sip her brewery’s Liquid Truth Serum with turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes.

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“The juicy, hop-forward IPA will be super tasty with that combination,” she says.

Solar Power

For the turkey dinner, Patton recommends Big Oyster Brewery‘s Belgian-style beer, which is brewed with fresh oranges and coriander and cold-steeped in the zest. “It’s food friendly,” he says.

Olde Butternutz​

Rich Garrahan, co-owner of Crooked Hammock Brewery, will be drinking this Old English ale, which is made with butternut squash., walnut oil, cinnamon and cardamom. It’s aged in bourbon barrels to produce a hearty, flavorful fall brew.

With dessert

Miss Betty

Mispillion River Brewing‘s seasonal sweet potato pie ale contains spices, maple syrup and vanilla. Pair it with dessert or drink it as dessert.

Any local stout

Patton, however, prefers to drink stout with dessert.

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“The chocolate and coffee flavors really complement chocolate desserts, but also play well with fruit pies,” he says. “Just about every brewery makes an imperial stout seasonally when the weather starts to cool, but sometimes they don’t even make it onto the shelves of local stores.” 

In addition to the limited releases at Big Oyster Brewery, try Dewey Beer Co. or Revelation Craft Brewing Company, he says.