Nitro Nitra Talks Fashion and Style Favorites Around Delaware

Rock singer Nitro Nitra makes an impression on and off the stage.

Behind the curtain

My style is a unique blend of edgy masculine and feminine casual, with a hint of mystery for good measure. I believe it’s a true reflection of my personality: complex and multifaceted. I like to bounce ideas around with my stylist, Riyan Noir. She’s been instrumental in my style journey on and off the stage and in my music videos.

Style icon

Hands down, it’s Grace Jones. She’s a testament to the divine balance between the masculine and feminine energies we all possess. Her radiant display of androgyny showed me the captivating beauty that lies in accepting all parts of ourselves. She’s an icon and trailblazer, a beacon of strength and tenacity.

Favorite fashion era

I have a deep affection for the Victorian era. The allure of steampunk—which beautifully merges the contemporary and vintage vibe of the period—is irresistible to me. The sheer glamour of that era, with its striking petticoats, classy top hats, elegant pocket watches and chic umbrellas, is simply breathtaking.

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Nitro Nitra
Nitro Nitra. Photo by Joe Del Tufo

Treasured item

A faux punk leather jacket. It’s battered, it’s faded, but oh, how I adore it! It’s more than just a jacket. It’s my companion, my confidant, and it’s been with me since the start of this wild, thrilling rock ’n’ roll ride.

Collectible fashion

I love plastic retro headbands—the zigzag ones from the ’90s. They’ve become an essential part of my “natural girl” look. They’re a fantastic way to inject a bit of flair into my short, natural hairstyle.

In with the old

I love vintage everything. You can always find treasures in consignment shops, such as Plato’s Closet in Newark.

Best local shops

Hot Topic in the [Concord and Christiana malls] seems to be the only shop with the edgy-appeal clothing I gravitate toward. For my casual, chill vibe, I get my hoodies and T-shirts from a Delaware-based brand named Kool Kolored Kids. I love that brand and the uplifting message that it brings to the community. I have also found some cool T-shirts in Spaceboy Clothing.

If money were no object

I’d buy all catsuits from Badinka, boy-cut blazers for the masculine-feminine appeal, punk leather jackets and chunky Industrial-Goth-like accessories. That definitely sums me up.

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You never leave home without

Legwarmers and crystals. Legwarmers are the nonnegotiable part of my daily ensemble—comfort and style, in and out of the house. I often adorn myself with crystal necklaces—amethyst and clear quartz hold a special place in my heart. They’re not just accessories; they’re my treasures, an infusion of energy and a personal statement.

The one that got away

I was on an NBC show called American Song Contest and wore a shiny catsuit that I cannot find anywhere. I continuously purge my closet to clear space in my mind and home. So I’m thinking I may have put it in the donation bag by mistake.

Must ’dos

The Nitra in me is more of a natural girl, using products like Curl Definition and TGIN (Thank God It’s Natural)—brands that help define my natural curls. When I add the Nitro and need glamour, I go to my childhood friend and celebrity stylist Courtney B. Willis’ salon, Salon 12twelve, on Lea Boulevard in Wilmington.

Define style

True style is about embracing who you are, owning it and letting that energy shine through in everything you wear.

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