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Delaware Bartender Willie Anderson on His Signature Style

Willie Anderson serves up unique style. Photo by Joe Del Tufo

At work or play, bartender Willie Anderson serves up a shot of individuality through his urban hipster style inspired by a range of influences.

Define your style:

Urban hipster.

Fashion evolution:

In high school, everybody was wearing baggy clothes. I’m so happy that went away. I like more fitted clothes now. I used to wear the Looney Tunes shirts—that makes me cringe.

Clothing collectible:

I have a nice little collection of scarves from Thailand and EDM [electric dance music] shows. I like scarves, especially in winter. I also have a lot of jerseys—sports jerseys and DJ-designed jerseys from EDM shows.

Color confidential:

I like bright, poppier colors. When I wear black, a scarf helps add color.

Bling or no bling:

I have my ears pierced, so I switch those out now and then. When I was in high school, I had the big diamond, but, you know, I grew away from that. Now I like hoops.

bartender with style

Willie Anderson serves up unique style. Photo by Joe Del Tufo

Go-to shoes:

I’m not a big sneaker person, but I really like boots. I call them Sherlock Holmes boots—ankle-high, lace-up boots like you’d see in the early 20th century. I’m not a big dress-shoe person, so I wear them with suits.

Favorite fashion era:

Pre-Prohibition with the vests, hats and boots.

Style icons:

Michael B. Jordan, the actor, and Jalen Hurts of the [Philadelphia] Eagles. His outfits are neat. Sometimes he’s dressed up, and sometimes he wears a hoodie and sweats, but they’re still nice clothes. (I’m definitely an Eagles fan.)

Work versus home wardrobe:

At work, I’m pretty much wearing a flannel shirt. It works with suspenders and black pants. I could wear flannel outside of work, but I’m trying to switch it out so it’s not about work anymore. Also, I have a 9-year-old daughter, and I want people to think I’m her father, not her older brother. I want to dress my age.

’Do tell:

I love my dreads—they’re probably one of my favorite things about me right now because they set me apart. I have them because I’m not a big fan of the barbershop every week. I retwist them myself every couple of months.

If money were no object:

I’ve never had a really nice custom-made suit.

Confidence is key:

Now everybody can express themselves in any way they want to. Personally, I really like that. There are things I wouldn’t wear—like cut-up jeans or long chains—but I’m not judging people for wearing them. If you feel confident, that makes the outfit.

You never leave home without:

My Apple Watch. I always have my mala beads with me. If I’m not wearing them, they’re close to me in my car. I like to meditate a lot, and if I’m feeling a little stressed or trying to center myself, I will pull them off my wrist or take them off and start counting the beads.

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