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Have You Seen Delaware’s Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes?

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders smiling at a campaign rally on 1 March 2020. Wikimedia Commons / Σ

The photo of Senator Bernie Sanders at President Joe Biden’s inauguration caused a stir on social media, and Delaware restaurants got in on the fun.  

We’ve all seen the photo.  

It’s the one of Senator Bernie Sanders curled up in a chair at President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, Jan. 20 in Washington, D.C. He’s patiently waiting for the swearing-in ceremony to start in his winter coat, argyle mittens and face mask.  

Sanders’ attire and demeanor made waves on social media as people got creative, placing the senator everywhere from the New York City subway to New Orleans’ Mardi Gras parade routes.  

Now, Delaware restaurants are getting in on the fun, pasting Sanders in their eateries. The Delaware Restaurant Association helped promote the restaurants’ spin on the meme through their Instagram stories.  

We’ve compiled posts from First State restaurants together as well. Enjoy.