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Cabo Modern Mexican Tequila Bar Opens in Rehoboth Beach


If you prefer your Don Julio infused with jalapeños or pineapple, the new Cabo Modern Mexican Tequila Bar in Rehoboth Beach may be the place for you. Chef Jay Caputo, owner of the acclaimed Espuma a few blocks away, has transformed his former Porcini House at 210 Second St. into a place loaded with 40 tequilas, various styles of margarita, and Mexican-inspired fare. “Inspired” means lots of fresh fish, smoked suckling pig and tequila-smoked chicken for tacos, and braised short rib, all inspired by a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas. “It’s a great concept,” Caputo says. “It’s food I like to eat when I’m not working, and it’s food I’ve always had fun cooking, but never had the place to do it.” Help comes from chef Tommie Deptula, who is intimately familiar with Mexican cuisine, having spent some time working in the country. “We’ve got the real deal going,” Caputo says. Despite the modern twists, however, basic is sometimes best.

“My goal is to have the best nachos around,” Caputo says. “I hate it when you first get a plate of nachos and they’re good, but then they get cold and you can’t get them apart because the cheese has solidified. We’re doing some things to prevent that.” 226-8226 —Mark Nardone

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