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From the Creative Director

I recently married, and by recently, I mean two weeks ago. We have been together for 12 years, so for years we always said that getting married would really just be about paperwork. Why would much else change? But it has. There is a person in this world meant just for me. He is there to share my ups and downs, hike through the park with me on a nice day, and hold my hand and comfort me when I’m not feeling well. I am just beyond smitten because I can’t believe how much happier it has made me feel. As I read Eileen Smith Dallabrida’s “I Heart You” story on page 32, I realize I’m not the only one. Love helps us heal more quickly, makes us look younger, promotes longevity and reduces stress.

Speaking of stress, as I manage to write the few words that fill this space, my work email has popped up at least 15 times and my cell phone has buzzed countless times informing me of a variety of emails, texts and social media notifications.

I kept saying during the last few weeks of planning my wedding that my phone was a godsend. I just don’t know how brides (at least those not using a planner) planned their weddings before smartphones were invented. But now that the wedding is over, and I’ve indulge in a seven-day vacation, what I once thought was a blessing is truly a curse. I find myself overly stressed when my phone buzzes or email pops up, to the extent that it takes an hour to complete a 20-minute task. After reading “Stop the Stresses!” on page 18, I realized I have a choice.

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I can silence my phone and shut down email for an hour and, to my surprise, it seems to make the day flow much better! I never realized how much of an impact stress has on both your mental and physical health. I now feel more organized and focused on the tasks at hand. I’ve also added yoga and other physical activities to my routine to help keep my stress level down.

Fitness makes me happy. I feel better. It’s become a social gathering for me and my friends. We push each other to do better, and I couldn’t ask for better motivation. And by the time I come home, all the stresses and tension from the day are gone!


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