Delaware Guidance Services Champagne Dinner and Soiree at Harry’s Savoy Grill and Ballroom in Wilmington

Soirée for Services

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Oh, friends. Imagine a place where party-goers in happy, spring frocks and dapper suits enter a gorgeous space to the sound of champagne bottles popping all around. Where a pretty, sparkly blond-haired woman with the words “Godiva Chocolatier” embossed on her business card is inexplicably able to fit into a tiny silver J. Crew Couture minidress. Oh yes, this place exists. It’s called the Delaware Guidance Services Champagne Dinner and Soirée at Harry’s Savoy Grill and Ballroom, and it was nothing short of decadent.

The aforementioned sparkly chocolate fairy, Heidi Hubert, kicked things off with a crash course in chocolate for pre-party guests, while the DSharps, the University of Delaware’s female a cappella group (who sang pro bono), kicked some Amy Winehouse tunes. Guests flitted from table to table sampling chocolates (I’m looking at you, Chris Coons), while delicious champagne concoctions—the Bellini, believe me, was perfection—were served.

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Let’s talk about dynamic duo Christine Schafer and Elisa Komins Morris. First, they both looked flawless: Christine channeled some serious boho brilliance in a white eyelet number, and Elisa was lovely in lilac and gems. (I guess that’s what happens when the Morris that is your husband has a hand in the jewelry biz!)

But more beautiful: their mission as co-chairs of the event and as DGS board members. “DGS is kind of under the radar,” Elisa said. “We’re the largest provider of mental health services to children in the state, yet so few people know about it. I find it my mission to get people to know about it.” Christine shares the mission, which she said is critical. “These children need the support of these services to go on and live their lives to their fullest intention,” she said. “They’re our future.”

Elisa, who delivered a stirring speech, let an awestruck Barbara Tucker in on a huge secret: DGS renamed its Lewes building the J. Richard Tucker Building, in honor of her late husband, a former board member. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place.
DGS executive director Bruce Kelsey, who’s been with the organization for 36 years, couldn’t be prouder of the work his people do. “What’s really amazing is there are so many kids who go through such very difficult times and traumatic experiences, and to see the staff that we have and what they are able to do to make a difference in these kids’ life and to see the impact that they’ve had … it’s an amazing thing,” he said. Another amazing thing? The Taittinger Comtes de Champagne. It’s Bruce’s favorite.