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Delaware Salaries: John A. Moore, Acorn Energy Inc. Venture Capitalist


Venture Capitalist
John A. Moore, Acorn Energy Inc., Wilmington
Acorn invests in struggling energy companies, transforming their infrastructure to function better at the lowest cost, lowest risk, and highest return possible.
Salary: $772,852 | $909,084
In the biz: six years
Job faves: Working with great people
Next great thing: Fracking imaging technology. “It is going to be the key enabling technology to make fracking safe and more productive.”
Early achievement: At age 18, he took over his first company. “I didn’t own a car, didn’t have a license. But I had a suit. I put it on and my mom drove me to West Chester to meet with this troubled company. I had never seen the inside of a factory but I convinced them I had the solution, bought their debt for 7 cents on the dollar, got on the board, then sold the stock for $1 a share.”
Response to failure: “Half my salary goes right back into the open market, and I’ve failed lots. But I agree with Neil Armstrong when he talks about being a nation of pioneers: risk is central to our DNA. The moment we stop taking risks, we are dead.” 

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