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Delaware Salaries: Rob Pfeiffer, Twin Lakes Brewing Co. Beer Brewer


Beer Brewer
Rob Pfeiffer, Twin Lakes Brewing Co., Greenville
Salary: $30,000-$50,000
In the biz: six years
Known for: Being a tinkerer—with the recipes to get them right, and with the numerous custom machines and equipment that go with the job
Quality of life: “You’re a slave to the yeast: when it’s ready you have to go. Brewing days are 12-14 hours long, and there’s constant maintenance and checking on the beer throughout the month. On the other hand, you hang with awesome people and do something different every day.”
Favorite brew: “Whichever is in my hand. In winter, Twin Lakes Stout. On a nice summer day, the Pale Ale.”
Backstory: In college studying environmental science, a chemistry professor demonstrated fermentation by making beer. After graduation, Pfeiffer did environmental work on fishing boats and in forestry, but kept up his beer skills up by interning at a microbrewery and by home brewing.
If he had a nickel: for every time someone asked him for a brewery job, he’d be rich.  

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