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Delebrity Cinemology in Delaware: With Wilmington Realtor and actor Lyman Chen Picks His Favorite Films, Including The Empire Strikes Back, Rudy, Casablanca, Dumb and Dumber and The Departed by Martin Scorsese with Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio


Lyman Chen, Wilmington Realtor and actor

The Empire Strikes Back
I was 8 when my mother took me to a packed theater in May of 1980. It was my first film in a movie theater. The special effects and characters just mesmerized me, and to see the bad guys win—insanity! I remember my mother and everyone else’s parents consoling us because we couldn’t accept Darth Vader was Luke’s father. LOL!


I’ve always related to and have been inspired by underdog stories. If Rudy is on TV, I cannot resist watching it. It truly motivates me and pushes me to excel at what I do. I will not deny that I break into tears every time at the end of the movie when they carry Rudy off the field.



I watched this movie for the first time at UD when I took a class called “Hollywood and World War II.” I fell in love with the characters, the cinematography and the message that it sent. Beautiful and elegant in every way. Truly a classic that brings the romantic out in all of us.


Dumb and Dumber
This is ridiculous to even have this on my list, but I love it. I was in bed and sick as a dog when I watched this for the first time. It saved me by cheering me up when I was at my worst. So anytime I’m feeling down and depressed, I just load it in my DVD.




The Departed
I know it is self-indulgent to have this on my list, but it truly changed my life. This was my first legitimate film gig. The whole experience from filming with Scorsese, Nicholson and DiCaprio, to taking my family to the red carpet premiere, to watching it win four Oscars was a dream come true. It gave validation that I wasn’t crazy pursuing this dream and that anything is possible.

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