Editor’s Note About Healthy Living in Delaware

Health and fitness isn’t achieved by any one diet or exercise program alone.

Diet fads and exercise crazes come and go. One month, we’re eating grapefruit at every meal and racing from the office to step aerobics every night. The next, we’re crunching kale by the basket and doing Zuumba. And that’s great. We all need good food and healthy activity. But in our never-ending quest to slim down and tone up quickly, we often lose sight of what should be the real goal: getting fit and staying healthy for life.

As I’ve often read in 302 Health, expert upon expert stresses that health and fitness aren’t achieved by any one diet or exercise program alone. They are the result of a healthy lifestyle. So as you’ll see in “The Juicing Craze”, there are easy ways to get all the fruits and vegetables you need in your diet, but too much of a so-called good thing might not be as good as it would seem at first glance.

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Similarly, “It’s a Wonderful Lifestyle” explains how to replace nutritionally poor foods with healthier alternatives. But don’t throw out the guacamole just yet. Avocado is full of phytonutrients and fatty acids that, among other things, help prevent heart disease. 

The moral of the story is that, when choosing an exercise regimen or diet, you have to look at the whole picture. Even while trying to shed body fat, most people shouldn’t eliminate all fats from their diets. Certain fats are needed to build healthy muscle tissue, to maintain healthy internal function, to keep hair and skin healthy, and to aid your body in the absorption of some vital nutrients. We need to understand it all.

The keys to a healthy lifestyle are moderation, balance and discipline. As you’ll see in “Childhood Obesity”, how and why you eat are as important as what you eat. As parents, learning to understand our eating habits is key in helping our kids develop good ones. And as you’ve read in these pages before, adult health issues often start in childhood, so that’s the time to prevent them.

At 302 Health, we want you to live happily. It is our constant hope that our stories will help you fully understand health for yourself and your family.

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