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For Sale: Quirky Presidential Buttons


This article is part of an ongoing series by University of Delaware journalism students as they cover the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #UDatDNC.

“Dog Lovers for Hillary” sells best. “Cat Lovers” come in second.  

That’s what vendor Bonnie Cole said as she sold 20-odd kinds of political buttons outside the Delaware and Maryland delegate breakfasts this week, held at the delegates’ hotel.  

“Buttons are very popular for the conventions,” said Cole, who is from Maryland. “The person that I work for has been doing this for over 40 years.”

Each button cost $3 each or four for $10.  Some had pictures of President John F. Kennedy Jr.  Most had simple pictures of the presidential nominee. 

“The most popular ones are the dog and cat, the regular Hillary, and we got some interest in the classics,” said Cole. “The negative ones about Donald Trump, not so much.”