University of Delaware Celebrates 100 Years of Study Abroad

The University of Delaware study abroad program, founded in 1923, was the first of its kind and set a new standard for international study.

Delaware Expert Dr. Sheng Lu Provides Insight on Fast Fashion

Sheng Lu recently appeared in an episode of ABC's Nightline on Hulu. Here, he answers questions about fast fashion and sustainable shopping.

HealthCorps Works to Improve Teen Health in Delaware

HealthCorps, an innovative program educating and empowering teens to take control of their health, is expanding service to Delaware this year. 

What Children in Delaware Hope for the Future of the First State

Children from all three counties in the First State discuss their hopes, concerns and visions for the future of Delaware.

SNAC Garden Foundation Helps Students Connect With Nature

Dr. Kim Furtado started the SNAC (School Nutrition AgriCulture) Garden Foundation to help kids connect with nature and healthy food.
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Brandywine High School Wins a Top STEM Competition

Following a science-based curriculum pathway led five Brandywine High School students to walk away...

Tutoring Programs Can Be Game-Changing for Delaware Students

Tutors around Delaware share the importance of early intervention for students who struggle in school.

A New Charter School Honors a Local Leader in Sussex County

Near the Sussex County hometown of a civil rights giant, a new school will honor his legacy and educate future generations.

529 Plans Help Delaware Parents Save for Their Children’s Education

Saving for college? Learn more about federal tax-free plans for First State residents.

Srijay Chenna Makes Scientific Strides as a High School Senior

The senior and aspiring M.D. at Wilmington Charter is already making a major impact in the lab.
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