The Dorm Essentials Every Freshman Needs in Delaware

Moving into your first dorm can be overwhelming. Here are some dorm essentials to add to your list, according to the University of Delaware. 

Your Guide to High Schools and Colleges in Delaware

Check out this list of top-notch public schools, private schools, charter schools, and colleges around Delaware.

The Newark Center for Creative Learning Does Progressive Education

The first and only school of its kind in Delaware, NCCL emphasizes empathy, critical thinking and fun in education.

These Summer Camps Are a Must for Kids in Delaware

Summer camps are a great way for kids to stay active throughout the summer—socially, mentally and physically. 

Get Lost in Literature at Delaware’s New and Used Bookstores  

Calling all bookworms! Discover your next great read at these charming literary houses scattered throughout the First State.
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The State of Delaware Schools According to Local Educators

Delaware educators and administrators say our teachers are underpaid, underprepared and under pressure. Here, they propose possible solutions.

Seniors Work Toward a Master’s Degree at University of Delaware

A University of Delaware Master's program is geared toward seniors seeking a second career—and the state foots the bill. 

A.T. Moffett Helps Kids Shine Through the Arts in Delaware

Meet A.T. Moffett, a dance artist, educator and the new executive director at the Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education.

Wilmington University School of Law Classes Begin in 2023

Wilmington University's newly created School of Law offers affordable legal training with experienced Dean Phillip Closius at the helm.

George Read Middle School Has an Innovative Cell Phone Policy

Nicholas Wolfe, principal of George Read Middle School, provides students with free personal pouches to lock away cell phones. 
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