Need a Mini-Vacation? Don't Miss These Special Summer Sails

The A.J. Meerwald, New Jersey’s official tall ship, is bringing a weekend of family-friendly fun to New Castle.


Avast, mateys! A cool new way to celebrate summer is sailing into the city of New Castle for a weekend full of family-friendly fun and adventure.

New Jersey’s official tall ship, the A.J. Meerwald, will be providing two-hour summer sails from New Castle’s new pier on Friday, July 27, and Saturday, July 28.

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This is the first tall ship from outside of Delaware to voyage to New Castle’s new 100-foot pier, which was completed this past fall.

“We’re thrilled to welcome New Jersey’s official tall ship, the A.J. Meerwald, and its captain and crew to the city of New Castle,” said city council president Linda Ratchford. Visitors now have an exciting new reason to return and experience our city from the river—and learn some of New Jersey’s maritime history in addition to our own.” 

“Sailing on the A.J. Meerwald is such a fun, relaxing way for everyone to get off the grid and experience the joy of the salty summer breeze, tall ship tales and tidal river scenery,” says Captain Johann Steinke.

The sail schedule is as follows:


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When: Friday, July 27, and Saturday, July 28; 10 a.m.–noon. 
Cost: $15 for kids, $35 for adults, $25 for active seniors. Capacity is limited.

This two-hour program starts off with a reading of “The Greatest Captain in the World.” Written by the tall ship’s captain, Johann Steinke, the children’s book tells a tale of adventure on the high seas with some problem-solving sailors. After the story, the captain and his crew begin the sail. Kids help set the sails and learn basic boat terminology.



When: Friday, July 27, and Saturday, July 28; 1 p.m.–3 p.m.
Cost: $
15 for kids, $35 for adults, $25 for active seniors. Capacity is limited.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening at Battery Park and on the A.J. Meerwald! Sail from the peaceful, historic port city of New Castle. Help raise the sails, learn about the Delaware Bayshore and its maritime history, or just relax and enjoy the sail, the tidal river sounds and the beautiful vistas.

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When: Friday, July 27, 6–8 p.m. 
Cost: $15
for kids, $35 for adults, $25 for active seniors. Capacity is limited.

Relax on the deck of the historic A.J. Meerwald and sail into the sunset as you sip wine, feel the breeze and listen to the saltwater tide, ospreys and eagles (plus a few tall tales from Captain Steinke and his crew).


Capacity is limited. For the best selection, early ticket purchases are encouraged. Due to its historic design standards, the tall ship schooner does not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A).

For tickets or more information, visit the city of New Castle’s event webpage or Facebook page.