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If you doubt Fred Comegys’ cultural significance, just look at his work.

Back when newspapers seemed more important—long before 24-hour television news, before the Internet and all its dubious reporting—seeing an acquaintance’s name in print was a big, big deal. Seeing someone in a photo was an even bigger deal.

So we waited with no small degree of anticipation for the Monday after Easter every year to see a picture of the famous bunny in The News Journal. It was a miracle of sorts. For years, my stepmom dressed up to entertain kids on The Green during the New Castle Lions Club’s annual Easter celebration. There were scads of kids in their holiday finest, women in bonnets. Photographer Fred Comegys knew he’d always find a good photo there, so for years, he took Kay’s picture.

I attended that celebration many times. I never saw the shooter, just the evidence. Which was the case of every Comegys image I’d seen in my long relationship with the paper (except for UD football games, where he was a fixture on the sidelines). In my mind, the man was some kind of superhuman being. He was everywhere, all the time.

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So imagine my surprise when I took a call about 12 years ago. “This is Fred Comegys. I need to take your picture for the paper.”

Fred Comegys? The Fred Comegys? The shot he wanted wasn’t for the biggest story in the world. Why was he assigned to shoot such a minor thing?

So many of us have similar stories about Fred, which makes a good point about people who are great at what they do. They perform their jobs diligently day after day, which means they often end up in the right places at significant times.

Just look at the evidence here. For five decades Fred Comegys has photographed some of the most important local events. He has also shot some of the most mundane, but in a way that makes them seem anything but. In doing so, Comegys is the mirror we hold up to ourselves. His images not only help show us who we are, but they have helped us define ourselves as Delawareans. Who would we be without him?

If you’ve been a longtime reader of the paper, you know what I mean. If you doubt his cultural significance, visit the Delaware Art Museum. A retrospective of his work will be on display from February 12 till May 1.

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The Day Book
  • It was great fun to give Election Night commentary with Governor Pete du Pont and Stephanie Hansen on WHYY. It’s always great to see the Delaware studio crew. Thanks to John Mussoni for the invitation and to Tracey Matisak for steering us so effortlessly.
  • More good fun: speaking at the Zwaanendael Club about our ever-changing Delaware. Thanks to B.J. Young and everyone for the warm welcome.
  • Touring The Queen with Live at the World Café founder Hal Real was a treat. Hal and his partners are doing an amazing thing for Wilmington. I wish him success. Only a couple more months to go.
  • It was dumb luck that Dina and I stumbled into Delaware City after a Christmas tree-cutting expedition at Coleman’s Farm and ended up honoring the Patriot Flag and 9-11 first responders from Delaware. Very moving. Thanks go to everyone who willingly puts himself in harm’s way to protect others.


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