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Gabby Covers the Common Wealth Awards in Wilmington and chats with Cherie Blair, Gov. Bill Richardson, Russell Banks and George Will


Something in Common

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It’s usual fare for Gabby to hit the scene and sniff out what’s going on with the Delaware movers and shakers. It’s not every day she has a quartet of fancy newcomers to observe stealthily. And talk about your all-time score: human rights lawyer Cherie Blair, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, novelist Russell Banks, and political scribe George Will. The four were feted at the Hotel du Pont for their contributions to modern society, which earned them each a Common Wealth Award from PNC Financial Services Group. The fab four fielded questions from a select audience, but before they got started—and perhaps before Banks realized his mic was on—Banks leaned over to Richardson and said, with a mischievous laugh, “Every day I wake up, go outside, and pretend I have a real job.” Gabby can relate. No surprise to anyone, Tatiana and Gerret Copeland were invited to the Q&A session. Tatiana asked Blair what her greatest challenges were in the past year. “As any mother with four children, the greatest challenge is to make sure they remain rounded human begins,” Blair said. “My children, of course, lived 10 years of their lives at No. 10 Downing St. (the British Prime Minister’s office). Moving them back into the world was a challenge.” Blair said her next greatest challenge was helping to increase women’s financial independence. Richardson was smitten with Faith Lyons (kudos on the black-and-white maxi dress, Faith!), the Tower Hill student whose essay on Richardson received an award. He found hope and inspiration in young people like her. Parents Garrett and Patricia Lyons couldn’t have been prouder. Of course, this was a party, people, and Gabby would be remiss not to point out that PNC regional president Connie Bond Stuart was a vision in a pale pink, frothy cupcake of a gown, one of the best Gabby’s seen all season. The line to get into the cocktail hour wrapped around the lobby, but no one seemed to mind: The Copelands and Thom and Michelle Melcher were having a good time in the back of the line. And who was the mysterious, platinum-haired woman in the house with the gorgeous, draped jade gown? English thesp Bronwen Booth, who boasts credits like “Scrubs,” “One Life to Live,” “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and “Nurse Jackie.” Ohlala… Till next time, stay fabulous.

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