Lyteguards Offers IV Hydration Therapy in Trolley Square

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Dehydration affects all our organs and regular bodily functions. Lyteguards Hydration Therapy offers a solution in the form of IV hydration therapy.

Have cold or flu symptoms? A holiday hangover? Fatigue or exhaustion? Despite our best intentions to stay hydrated, that S’well bottle sometimes doesn’t reach our lips as often as it should, which can affect all our organs. IV hydration therapy can help with all of the above, says Emily Green, RN, who recently opened Lyteguards Electrolyte Therapy with her brother, Jared Green.

Feeling more run down than usual (I blame modern life; Emily Green suggests a craving for fluids), I visit the Trolley Square spa clinic before office hours. The infusion menu offers seven options, ranging from a “base” electrolyte blend called The Ringer to the deluxe Holy Grail comprising essential B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc and glutathione (a tripeptide that’s like “sticky tape” for free radicals, Green says).

She prepares a liter of Get Right—yep, they’re all song titles—a cocktail of the latter three ingredients. As the name indicates, it’s supposed to help me reset while boosting immunity and metabolism, among other benefits. For 30 minutes, I relax in a modern recliner surrounded by sunshine, air plants and the subtle scent of incense while the cool liquid drips into my veins. The only slight discomfort is the cold, but the nurse in Green is at my side with a blanket the second I start to shiver.

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Regular clients include CrossFit and jiujitsu athletes (Green offers a Sicko Mode infusion for pre- or post-competition); those with chronic illness; elderly folks who simply forget to drink enough H2O; and barhoppers who feel the effects of a night out on the town. A private room is also available for those mid-illness.

So why not just take a supplement? “When you digest any supplement, a low percentage is actually used by your body,” Green explains. “Whereas with an IV, [vitamins and minerals] are 100% accessible.” She also notes a pervasive ailment—poor gut health—that can further inhibit absorption of nutrients through food or supplements. “Essentially, this eliminates the middleman—your digestive tract.”

The effects are immediate and last into the next day. I feel more alert, lively. Not wanting to lose that energy, I’m more conscious of my water intake—which keeps the momentum going. Until my next visit.

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