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How NASA Space Technologies May Help Win the Fight Against COVID

There’s nothing like breathing in fresh air on a sunny day outdoors. But a cold truth lies ahead: Winter is coming. As you plan for colder months, cleaning the air and surfaces in your home or business becomes even more important. Thanks to ActivePure®, Aerus’s NASA Space Foundation Certified Space Technology, you can breathe easier and protect those you love. The Aerus Hydroxyl Blaster with ActivePure® Technology was proven to kill over 99% of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, on surfaces.

Cleaning the Air and Surfaces 

Air purifier technology generally fits into two categories: active- and capture-based. Want clean, safe air in your home or business? Aerus ActivePure® Technology is naturally more effective than many active- and capture-based air and surface purifiers on the market. As an air and surface sanitation solution, Aerus ActivePure® Technology stands above the rest.

“Our ActivePure® technology is the key technology in the Aerus Hydroxyl Blaster unit, which was recently proven in an independent, FDA-compliant, third-party lab, to kill 99.98% of SARS-CoV-2 virus on surfaces over seven hours,” explains Nicole Walsh, of Beyond by Aerus Delaware. “We are proud to recognize our technology is being used daily—in fitness centers, restaurants, dental offices, places of worship, and elsewhere—to protect hundreds of businesses and thousands of families in our own local community.”

The concept seems simple: Rid the air and surfaces of pathogens and contaminants to make indoor environments safer. Yet achieving this level of clean is no simple feat, and not all sanitation systems stack up the same. Aerus’ ActivePure® Technology is the safest, fastest, and most powerful surface and air sanitation technology available.

How Does ActivePure® Technology Work?

Originally developed for NASA, Aerus’ patented technology uses free oxygen and water molecules and converts them into powerful oxidizers, known as ActivePure® Molecules. These ActivePure® Molecules are then released back into the room, filling the interior space. Like an army of invisible cleaners, these friendly oxidizers are working to scrub and deactivate pathogens we can’t easily see. Once inactive, these pathogens are reduced to safe and inert byproducts.

Incredibly hardworking, Aerus’ ActivePure® Technology targets both interior aerosolized pathogens and surface contaminants. ActivePure® Molecules continuously seek out and destroy pathogens and contaminants in real time, 24 hours a day. All of this means ActivePure® Technology minimizes recontamination and cross contamination, without the use of chemicals or ozone.

Unlike Aerus’ purifiers, traditional capture-based purifiers rely on a HEPA filter, carbon filter, ultraviolet light, or passive PCO to reduce contaminants in an indoor space. By design, such units are only partially effective at reducing airborne pathogens and are completely ineffective at treating pathogens on surfaces. None of these solutions address surface viruses or contaminants like Aerus’ purifiers do.

When customers choose Aerus’ ActivePure® Technology, they are choosing award-winning technology with roots in NASA engineering and a product designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

Choose to Protect Others with ActivePure®

As COVID-19 has forced social distancing, created quarantine bubbles, and brought extra health and safety precautions, spending time outside brings rare moments of brightness. For people everywhere, a hike in the woods or a zen moment on the patio have become natural respites. But, with the weather turning crisp, many people are asking what precautions they can take to properly navigate this next chapter of the coronavirus pandemic.

As more people turn to indoors and make adjustments to ensure their winter 2020 is a safe one, could an air and surface sanitizer or purification system make a difference for your home or business? The answer is yes—but only if science is on your side, and it is for Aerus.

Simply put, Aerus’ ActivePure® Technology stands above the competition and helps you create a next-level clean in your home or business. With ActivePure® Technology, homeowners and business owners can breathe easily knowing they are working with the best technology—and have science on their side.

“With everyone under one roof for home, school, and work, we must do everything we can to keep our indoors safe for everyone. We are all constantly washing our hands and cleaning,” says Jennifer DiMatteo, of Salon blonDi in Wilmington, Del. “After learning there was more that we could be doing, we decided to invest in ActivePure® Technology. We would recommend it for anyone who wants to keep the air quality in their home or business clean and healthy.”

If you are looking to make the air and surfaces in your indoor environments cleaner and safer, ActivePure® Technology can help mitigate risk. In addition to social distancing and wearing masks, investing in an ActivePure® system for your home or business can add an additional layer of protection. With more than 30 different solutions, our specialists can help you find the right product through a free site visit. For more information, please visit

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