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How to Beat Workout Boredom


If your workouts have been lacking intensity or excitement, it might be time for a change. Give your routine a revamp to avoid boredom and improve results with these alternative exercise ideas. Your body will thank you. 

If you like yoga, try …


For centuries, yoga has been a pillar to achieving full-body fitness. Balance, flexibility and strength are three benefits that barely scratch the surface of yoga’s values, yet many yoga enthusiasts crave more. The YMCA of Dover has the answer: water yoga. “It alleviates pressure on your joints and creates a completely different environment for those who want to enjoy yoga,” says aquatics director Autumn Thomas-Palmer. Water yoga takes the same or similar poses as land yoga and gives them new life, teaching your muscles new ways of achieving balance and strength. 

Dover YMCA 
$58/month for a single adult (plus $60 new membership fee)
1137 S. State St., Dover, 346-9622

Kelsey Hammond, aerial fitness


The popularity of aerial yoga has reached new heights as studios continue to open and expand throughout the state. With its added element of suspension, aerial fitness poses a challenge for even the strongest. Serenity Yoga Studio in Middletown has enhanced its studio with trapeze-like hammocks, encouraging clients to build strength, trust and balance.

Serenity Yoga Studio 
$25/week for new students
5244 Summit Bridge Road, Middletown, 373-7538

Aerial Fun & Fitness
$20/class for drop-ins
2634 Capitol Trail, Newark, (888) 602-1148 


If you like teamwork, try …


Teamwork is key at the Western YMCA’s OCR
class. // Photo by Emma Way

Teaming up with a friend or a small group is the perfect way to bust workout boredom. Mud runs have been popular for years, but competitors have expressed difficulty finding the space to train or comparable obstacles that they will face on race day. The Western YMCA recently added a Queenax machine to its new Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) class. There are a million and one ways to move with this machine using the monkey bars, pull-up bars and more.  

Bridget Baldwin, director of fitness programs at the Western YMCA in Newark admits that personal training can be your No. 1 line of defense against boredom, but realizes it is not in everyone’s budget. “Small group training is an excellent way to get personal attention without breaking the bank,” she says. In the OCR class, participants get personal attention from two trainers and the encouragement and support from other participants. 

Western YMCA
$50 for eight weeks (plus $60/month for single adult membership dues)
2600 Kirkwood Hwy., Newark, 709-9622

Xcelerate Fitness
$18/class or $150/month for unlimited classes
1300 First State Blvd., Suite E, Wilmington, 998-1250


For the kids at heart, this is for you. Get a team of six together for adult dodgeball night at Launch Delaware in Newark for a new kind of work out. “During the tournaments players use a lot of arm strength to throw and a lot of leg muscle to jump,” says general manager Barkley Powell. Trampolining gets cardio out of the way and builds endurance, without sacrificing fun. As an added bonus, the winning team can earn up to $250. 

Launch Delaware
$60 for a team of six
200 Interchange Blvd., Newark, 709-1889


If you like group dance classes, try …

Classes combine moves from both aerial fitness
and pole fitness at Pole Power Studio. // Photo by
Angela Houck


There are plenty of fitness classes to get you out of your Zumba-shaking box. Many people fear pole fitness because they think it resembles pole dancing. “A pole ‘dance’ class does not mean you are booty shaking as most might think,” says Angela Houck of Pole Power Studio in Ocean City, Md. “You are lifting your own body weight. This means your body and muscles are challenged constantly and never bored.” Pole fitness forces you out of your comfort zone with a sexy, full-body workout. 

Pole Power Studio
$15/class, class packages starting at $59
12417 Ocean Gateway 20, Ocean City, Md., (877) 653-3482


Take your typical ballet class, then throw in Pilates, strength training and yoga. Trish Mackay, owner of Be Barre Fit in Hockessin, started doing barre in 2014 and became addicted, eventually opening her own studio. “Barre is my passion. I’ve got the best job in the world,” says Mackay. “I get to watch women transform their bodies and it happens so quickly.” 

Be Barre Fit
$20/class, with packages available
7465 Lancaster Pike L, Hockessin, 234-4300


Dance the boredom away at Club Studio Arts, a gym-hybrid that’s more nightclub than gym in Kennett Square. “For anyone who dislikes exercising, a great way to sneak in some fitness is by doing something fun that also happens to be a really great way to burn calories and tone your body. Dance is that perfect solution,” says Dara Troise, co-owner and programs director at CSA. 

Classes rotate between jazz, hip-hop, salsa and beyond. “Variety is the spice of life. We update our calendar of classes every month so our students don’t get bored with the same class offerings,” says Troise. 

Transform your body at Be Barre Fit. // Photo by
Trish Mackay

Club Studio Arts
Starts at $99 for 10 classes
112 E. State St., Kennett Square, Pa., (610) 306-6878


If you like weightlifting, try …


At RISE Fitness in Lewes, there’s really no excuse for boredom with a tire “flipper” machine, Jacob’s ladder machine, monkey bars and artificial turf to satiate even the most restless of gym-goers. “RISE was born out of the boredom of working out,” says Jen Kaufmann, marketing director at RISE. “We like equipment that incorporates your full body because it gives you more bang for your buck.”

RISE Fitness
Membership starts at $49/month
830 Kings Hwy, Lewes, 703-2017


If you like one-on-one attention, try …

Body & Soul Fitness in Seaford works with Alloy
Personal Training Solutions. // Photo by Lauren Mills


Lauren Mills and her mom, Susan Rider, loved spinning so much that they opened their gym to provide healthy living for their family and the Seaford community. Aside from the spin studio, Body & Soul has partnered with Alloy Personal Training Solutions, which monitors fitness progress to help members set goals and reach them. Each class offers a new fitness routine incorporating plank competitions and functional fitness moves. “I think it’s the changing of the workout that keeps them coming back,” says Mills. 

But Mills insists that even in a group setting, members still receive plenty of one-on-one attention. “As you build a relationship with members you know how you can push them.” 

Body & Soul Fitness
Membership starts at $29/month; Alloy training starts at $69/month
1034 W. Stein Hwy., Seaford, 536-1278


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