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Joanne Cannon on the 2012 Presidential Election: Delaware


It is election time and my brain is swirling from all the political rhetoric, opponent bashing and tongue-in-cheek promises spewing from our presidential candidates. I have been left enough voice messages and seen enough television ads for political endorsements to last a lifetime. Enough already. Stop talking the talk and actually accomplish what you set out to do. Please, fix the economy and fix it now. The current state of our union and our current state of mind is worrisome. 

Believe me when I say I love America and all that it represents. We are a nation rich in humanitarianism, born in democracy. We are proponents of freedom. Our history speaks volumes, but we can no longer ride the coattails of past proliferation—we need better. If I sound frustrated, it’s because I am. I was confident four years ago that I and the country as a whole would be in much better straits than we are now. I believed, and that’s the reason I feel so betrayed by broken promises. I’m not better, neither are Delawareans.

I don’t need to review the economic indicator statistics to know we’re hurting. I see it everyday. Too many people were forced to close their small businesses because the cost of health care insurance became exorbitant, and confidence in our economy dwindled.  My neighbors went into foreclosure and other good neighbors moved because the employment they counted on vanished. More children in our schools required free lunches because their parents’ economic conditions plummeted.

I’m not here to blame this administration or the ones that preceded. I don’t want to look back; I aspire to have someone move us forward. I want our nation, and especially our children, to look up to someone who makes a difference. Too often they look to athletes or superstars who have fame and wealth, but not the character worthy of adoration. We need a role model.

I am neither pro nor against President Obama or Mr. Romney. I am simply pro-America. We deserve to acquire gainful employment, foster entrepreneurship, and sustain home ownership to afford the American dream. Our youth must be better educated to compete against foreigners in the job market.

I don’t profess to know the answer to our economic woes, but I’m certain there is one. Politicians often allow nuances to prevent them from completing the task at hand. Our country can’t afford it.

I hope we’ll make it through the difficulties we face. I guess that’s my American spirit. We’re committed to a better tomorrow. We’ll regain our confidence and become believers again.      

If you’re listening, Mr. President, our voices are calling for help.

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