Letters About the Rev. Dale Dunning and Fabulous Housewives

The Housewives

I am writing in response to the negative feedback regarding the “Fabulous Housewives” (May 2012). I was one of the lucky ladies featured and I want to extend a sincere thank you to Delaware Today for making me feel so special. I don’t think I’m “fabulous,” but I surround myself with fabulous people, like my amazing children and husband, and family and friends, and people I volunteer with and who make me feel fabulous. I’m sorry that there were so many people that were offended by the article. When my children saw it, they were thrilled and said, “Well, yeah Mommy, you are fabulous!” That melted my heart and is really the only thing that matters to me: that my husband and children think I’m “fabulous.”

While the picture featured was a beautiful picture of me, it’s, of course, not reflective of how I look on a daily basis. As I write this, I have my hair in a ponytail, not a stitch of makeup on, and I’m wearing an old pair of jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. Just because my day-to-day wear isn’t fabulous doesn’t mean I didn’t love the opportunity to get dressed up and look pretty. Just like I love getting dressed up and looking pretty on the rare date night with my husband (which is what I had the opportunity to do after the photo shoot!). I consider what I do on a regular basis as part of the job! I’m a mommy of three and I don’t expect accolades for that, but it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate being told “good job” every once in a while. Isn’t that why we have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day—a day of appreciation and recognition for the hard work it takes to be a parent?

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The term “housewife” has become its own entity. My mother was considered a housewife. She stayed home with me and “ran the household.” Now, in 2012, the term has evolved to keep up with the changing times and societal expectations of women.

Wasn’t that the point of the article? To highlight just how much the term “housewife” has changed? My husband and I run our household together. We each contribute in different ways. I am a stay-at-home mom, but I also run a business, volunteer at my children’s school and donate my time to various nonprofits in the area. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to do what I love and I maximize the benefit of not working a traditional 9 to 5 by playing an active role in my community and in my children’s lives. Each one of the “Housewives” featured brings something different to the table and I think that’s great!

The article recognizes a group of different women for our success in whatever role we play in our families’ lives, and gives us a chance to feel appreciated and feel proud of ourselves—even for a moment. I know as a busy mom, I very rarely get a chance to revel in all that I have accomplished because I’m too busy. It was great to take some time out to feel special. Thank you for giving me that moment.

Linda Neef

The Rev. Dunning’s Fight
Regarding “From Soup to Nuts,” (March 2012): I sympathize with the fears that Dale Dunning’s neighbors have concerning the Jusst Sooup ministry, but I think they might meditate on the words, “perfect love casteth out fear.” The Rev. Dunning is doing a good work—Christian work—and those of her neighbors, who themselves are disciples of Christ, have abundant reasons to give their fears over to the Lord, who, throughout the Old and New testaments, constantly reassures his people with the message, “Do not be afraid.” Prayer and openness to facilitating the corporal works of mercy will bring blessings to the community surrounding the new Jusst Sooup quarters, I believe. The Lord will never be outdone in generosity. I implore the folks in that community to extend themselves and allow a zoning amendment or exception rule to permit the Rev. Dunning to serve the homeless on-site. I think blessings will follow. Emmanuel Dining Room does this successfully in Wilmington.

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Rae Stabosz

Deep Roots
Those photogenic photos of God’s handiwork (“A Rooting Interest,” May 2012) were well worth the ink printed on paper, for nothing stirs the soul quite like garden gems.
I’m going to clip and send this to a neighbor who, some claim, lives for gardening.
I pray these photos will reap more bounty for this 80-year-old neighbor.
Happy reading!

Deborah Lorne
Abilene, Texas

Delaware Breast Cancer Association
The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition lost a dear friend this month. Charlene Payne, whose photograph was in the Gabby column in the May issue, passed away a few weeks ago. She was a breast cancer survivor who fought a very brave fight to beat her breast cancer recurrence.

She modeled in our Southern Lights of Life Gala in February. At noon on the day of the event, Charlene was released from the hospital to go into hospice care. Her goal for the last several months was to model in our fashion show with other breast cancer survivors. She went home from the hospital, took a nap, and took to the runway with her medical oncologist and radiation oncologist on either side to the roar of the crowd.

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She was absolutely stunning in her beautiful blue gown. I would like to thank Delaware Today for including her and the kind words about her outfit. I have passed the article and photo on to her family as I know they will love to see their beloved Charlene in her glory. We at the DBCC were honored and blessed to have known Charlene.

Lois Wilkinson


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