Letters From Our Readers

So That’s What it Does!

And I thought I knew Delaware! I grew up in Wilmington and graduated from Tatnall School in the late 1960s. My dad graduated from Friend’s School in the 1930s and his dad from Lewes High over 100 years ago. Although I now live 5,000 miles away from Delaware, I still own a home in Rehoboth Beach my family purchased in 1950.

Only yesterday did I learn what the Levy Court really is! Your article (“Courting Success” by Emily Riley) in the March 2011 issue was an eye opener for me, as I had always assumed the Levy Court heard tax appeals.

Thank you Delaware Today for the continuing education. I look forward to learning more in the next issue!
Trip Lynch, Maui, Hawaii

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Happy in Milton

I’ve waited far too long to tell you how pleased we were with the article about Milton (Best Places to Live) in the March 2011 issue. So many people have told me that they were happy to see the town cast in such a positive light, and those who have chosen an alternative lifestyle were pleased that that aspect was mentioned.

And, of course, our picture in the magazine was pretty thrilling and also fodder for a lot of good-natured kidding from our friends about our new celebrity status (LOL!). Thanks to the (editorial) staff for your interest in our little town.
Best regards, MJ Ostinato, Milton


Poor Choice of Words

I subscribe to Delaware Today and have always found it to be an enjoyable, easy to read magazine covering Delaware people and events.

However, the April edition contains an article entitled “Tapping into Tapas,” by Matt Amis which I find totally objectionable. Mr. Amis, who apparently is your food and wine expert, reviews a local restaurant, mentioning the nearby presence of Vice President Joe Biden. He then segues into an attack on the Secret Service agents protecting our vice president. He refers to them as ‘goons’ in the first paragraph, and then, in the second paragraph, wonders ‘if goons get lunch breaks’. Goon is defined in the dictionary as ‘1. A thug hired to intimidate or harm opponents, or 2. A stupid or oafish person.’

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This gratuitous insult to the courageous men and women who vow to ‘take a bullet’ for America’s top elected officials is intolerable and deserves an apology to the Secret Service.
Pete Schreier, Newark

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