Letters to the Editor: Delaware Grapevine by Celia Cohen

On Delaware Grapevine

I just read Celia Cohen’s “Delaware Grapevine” column in your July 2012 issue.  She is exactly right about the reason for the ailing Republican Party in Delaware. I am still a registered Republican because I have hope that the party will eventually come back around, but I am concerned that I may be waiting a while.

The Republicans on the far right tend to be the most vocal, so the party has bent too far in their direction. I have to believe there are a lot of people out there like me who, as Celia so eloquently put it, “Do not like government messing with their morals or their money.” 

I do hope the Republican Party in Delaware finds itself again. I am optimistic that the pendulum will swing back toward the middle ground. But until then, I may be voting for some fiscally conservative Democrats.

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Michele Whetzel

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Celia Cohen.
Now, if only the state GOP could find candidates like John Williams, Caleb Boggs and Bill Roth.
Suzanne Franck

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