Letters to the Editor: Ernest & Scott, Fabulous Housewives

Ernest & Scott

A note for (dining critic) Matt Amis. Nice article about Ernest & Scott Taproom (“The Great Gastropub,” June 2012), except for one detail.

Several hundred ex-Delaware Trust employees and officers are going to be surprised to learn that the griffin, Delaware Trust’s logo for all those years, has been attributed to Wilmington Trust. Not only was the logo from Delaware Trust, but the taproom is located in what used to be Delaware Trust’s main lobby. The building, which belonged to William du Pont, the majority stockholder of the bank, was the largest individually owned office building in the country at the time.

I was an officer of Delaware Trust Co., leaving the company after nearly 20 years, just before the company was sold. My grandfather, a senior officer, was there for some 35 years before that. Wilmington Trust had nothing to do with the building or the griffin.

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G. Douglass Lovett


Fabulous Housewives (continued)

I just read the Letters, Tweets, and Emails (June 2012) in regards to May’s Fabulous Housewife’s issues, and I wanted to thank you for standing behind the article!

Yes, a true feminist or more simply, a true human being, would not judge another. Yet our society is full of judgment and jealousy. Kudos to Delaware Today for celebrating the difference between modern women!

First, I would like to let you know that I was a featured housewife from Middletown.  I lived in Sussex County for 10 years prior to my marriage and relocation to Middletown, and I still run our second household in Lewes. My time is divided between two homes—so, in essence, you really did feature a Sussex County Housewife.

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Second, I would like to say that I stand behind my quote as well. The article was titled “Fabulous Housewives,” and a housewife is (by Webster’s definition) a married woman who runs a household. In response to Ms. Sutton’s letter, yes, cooking, cleaning, changing sheets, taking care of children are all a part of running a household. Yet, she calls us insecure, foolish, full of ourselves, and that we should be ashamed of our quotes. Ms. Sutton says that “fabulous” should be felt from the inside. She states that, “her two teenage daughters, who make her laugh and put a smile on her face every day, make her fabulous.” I think this is awesome, and the fact that her daughters make her smile actually makes me smile!

So, Ms. Sutton, please know that I am smiling as I make my husband his home-cooked meals for his 14-hour day work weeks in New York, and I am smiling as I am baking and cleaning the house before he returns (safely) to our home, after he has had to live in a small rented apartment for the week! Making his life a little bit easier, because he makes mine easier, puts a smile on my face!  

I certainly don’t define who I am by the weekly chores that I do, nor any other external object. Housewife, mom, teacher—these are all titles. And fabulous is just an adjective. What is felt on the inside of a human being is “love.” This feeling of love comes from deep within. Who we really are is located deep within our true selves. Who we really are is love.

Does my husband think I am a fool for cooking and keeping a clean house? No. Do I think I am a fool? No, because it has to be done anyway. Does he think I am foolish for telling people this? Absolutely not! We actually have a good laugh about it every week!   (If you knew me personally and the lack of cooking skills that I actually have, then you would understand why it makes me Fabulous!)

So thank you, Delaware Today! Thank you for highlighting the many diverse faces of a housewife. No one has the right to tell another what makes them marvelous in this life … that is up to one’s self. No one has the right to judge what another human being does for their family. We are all unique individuals, who have the right to make a choice,  the right to express our love how we see fit, and certainly the right to define “fabulous”  in our own life!

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Amy Stiefel-Fresh
Middletown and Lewes  

I commend all the women mentioned within the “Fabulous Housewives” article. They are definitely very successful and inspiring to all.

I wanted to ask if there will be an article on “Fabulous Single Moms of Delaware?” I am a 43-year-old single mom raising my 7 ½-year-old daughter by myself for seven years. Her father is involved, so I am very fortunate. My family does not live in the area, so when my daughter is with me, I am alone raising her. I’ve been a special education teacher for 20 years. I am fortunate I do not have to work summers because I’ve learned to budget my money throughout the year. Taking care of myself is important to me, so I can be the best mom possible for my daughter. But there are times when my needs take a back seat.

In the future I would hope to see single moms featured as in the article about married moms.

Kathy Joos

I just wanted to compliment (editor-in-chief) Maria Hess on her response in the June issue regarding the “Fabulous Housewives” spread. Her words were well-positioned and her point was well-received.

Delaware is too small for us all to not get along!      

Todd Roselle

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