Letters, Tweets & Emails to Delaware Today Magazine in Wilmington: Top Singles and a Thankful Soldier in Afghanistan

Stood Up and Let Down

I wrote Delaware Today expressing interest in one of the “Top Singles” featured in the April issue. (In the interest of protecting his identity, I will call him Bachelor X.) The email I sent the editor was forwarded to Bachelor X. He initiated an email correspondence between the two of us, which then led to a rather unfortunate and emotionally hurtful experience on my part.

Bachelor X was immediately interested in meeting me. We tentatively agreed to meet that Sunday for an informal date over ice cream. To my disappointment, when Sunday arrived, I was greeted early in the morning to a short but apologetic email canceling the date. In this email he indicated that he would like to reschedule the date for later in the week.

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Once again, we agreed to meet. Bachelor X requested that I phone him prior to leaving work letting him know I was on my way. I honored his request, but I thought it was a little strange when my call went directly to voice mail. Upon arriving at the restaurant, I phoned Bachelor X a second time and it went straight to voice mail again. I quickly looked around inside and then seated myself near the door, waiting for his arrival. After 30 minutes passed, I realized that Bachelor X was a no-call/no-show. I left a third and final voice message expressing my confusion and frustration, letting him know I was going home.

Around 8:30 that night, I received a rather erratic voice message from Bachelor X indicating that his cell phone had not been charged and therefore he had no way of calling me because he could not access my phone number stored in his phone. Then he sent an apologetic email explaining that there had been a family emergency. Against my better judgment, I agreed to give him one more chance.

After three voice messages and a full hour of waiting, the reality of the situation registered: I was stood up three times.

So my question to the editor is this: What, if any criteria is used to select and/or screen the candidates that are nominated as the top singles of Delaware? If Bachelor X represents the best that Delaware has to offer, then I say, “No thank you!”

Heartbroken but Hopeful,

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Thanks from Overseas

Dear Delaware Today,
I just read the online version of the story “Standing Guard,” by Bob Yearick (July 2011). I wanted to thank you on behalf of my family and fellow soldiers for bringing attention to what we do and the sacrifices made—especially by our families who do not get enough visibility for the hardships they endure. We appreciate it very much.

SFC John Beers
J9 Operations NCO


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You’re one of my
show prep resources
on WDEL!
Rick Jensen – @Jensen1150WDEL
(Tweeted on June 3 at 12:39 p.m.)

Thank you for all
your GREAT content!!
Bethany Bay Golf Club – @BBGolfClub
(Tweeted on May 24 at 10:07 a.m.)


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