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Little League, Comcast SportsNet and Traffic in Delaware


Devils in the Outfield
At the time that I’m writing this the Little League baseball season is about to begin. Parents are happy, the kids are happy and the coaches and managers are happy. But by the time you read this, many will probably agree that the two L’s in hell stand for Little League.

Insult to Injury
Speaking of baseball, will the folks at Comcast SportsNet please stop airing file footage of Cole Hamels from the 2011 season, when he was wearing a rather large, circular Band-Aid on his chin. It just ain’t right. There’s gotta be other video out there.

Life in the Slow Lane
Every evening after work I drive I-95 south home to Newark during rush hour. And it never fails that the trip is an adventure every single evening. Why is it that while I am the good soldier, patiently sitting in a line of cars waiting to exit onto Del. 896, others think it’s appropriate to drive past the exiting cars and then dart into the front of the line just before the ramp? That move is dangerous and arrogant—don’t you agree?

Animal Charity Punny Name of the Month
This month’s Tee it Up for Tails Golf Tournament at Hartefeld National Golf Club. (One we missed: the Spay-ghetti Dinner)

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