Local Experts Share 10 Fundamentals of Self-Defense

Learn how to resist assault with the help of these Delaware instructors.


1. Admit it could happen to you. Better preparation mentally leads to smarter decisions. —Ronnie Wuest, owner, Delaware Self-Defense Academy

2. Be aware of your surroundings. There’s dumb self-defense—when you have to put your hands on somebody—and smart self-defense, when you aren’t there for the attack. —Lee Clarkson, owner, Delaware Tang Soo Do Academy

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3. Get rid of the win mentality. Self-defense isn’t about winning, it’s about going home. Do damage and get out; don’t stay to try to defeat the attacker. —Lee Clarkson

4. Use the palm of the hand to hit if you have to. Go for the face (eyes, nose, ears), throat and groin. —Lee Clarkson

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5. Don’t show fear. It can target you as a victim for an attack. For example, if you walk into an aisle at the store and you see someone who looks suspicious, rather than running away, loudly say something like, “Oh, I forgot to get spaghetti,” before you turn to leave. It creates the illusion that you have a reason to leave other than the possible attacker frightening you. —Chanan Smith, owner, Magen Tactical Defense

6. Show them you are going to put up a fight. If you get in a confrontation, show you are ready to defend yourself before you run. —Chanan Smith

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7. Try to park so your car is facing out, in case you have to make a fast getaway. —Chanan Smith

8. Never go to the same place, the same way, all the time. You never know who is watching. —Kevin Outten, owner, Delaware Grappling

9. Have a precautionary plan. Do you know where the exits are? —Kevin Outten

10. Be prepared to leave your comfort zone to get better at anything. —Jackie Bruce, teacher, 302 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

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