Meet the Singles

We scoured the state for the smartest, sexiest, funnest and most eligible men and women around. Here they are and here’s what they’re looking for. (Think you fit the bill?)

Photograph by Jared Castaldi

From left:
Patricia D. Barron
60, Chadds Ford, owns her own marketing firm, so image and style matter. Your image and style. “I would like a partner who’s a good visual fit for me,” she says. Pat looks good playing tennis or skiing, and she rides horses and motorcycles. Score big points by taking her dancing; score none by couching it during an Eagles game. Contact:
Jay Burks
32, Wilmington, hopes to write a sitcom one day. In the meantime, this executive director “works hard and plays harder,” he says. He loves the beach, music and dancing, but he’ll pass on “people who take themselves too seriously, fax machines and poor customer service.” His match will have an open mind and texting capability. Contact:
Jenna Salacuse
31, Wilmington, talks football and cars, mucks stalls and drives trucks. But this paralegal cleans up nice, gets manicures, and cries at
SPCA commercials, too. Jenna wants a guy with integrity, “but he doesn’t have to have every one of my interests in common with me,” she says. Pack your bags. Jenna plans to volunteer in Nepal to restore Buddhist monasteries. Contact info:
Darlene Anita Scott
34, Milford, is a poet who seeks an equally poetic mate. “He’ll make me blush, think, and laugh all in the same conversation,” she says. Slackers need not apply. “Under-stimulation” depresses Darlene. So do “deafening car stereos, overpriced grapes and student loans.” Her match has an eclectic CD collection “who has worn Shelltoes, Pumas or Chucks in his day.” Contact:

Hair by Carlucci Coelho, makeup by Carlucci Coelho and Helene Buscemi, both of Cielo Salon & Spa, Wilmington. Photographed at Kooma in Wilmington

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Photograph by Jared Castaldi
Dave Monzo
44, Wilmington, is the funny guy you want at the party. But the right mate will make the man a sandwich. “I don’t like pre-made sandwiches,” he says. “Why do they all have cheese?” This event manager seeks a woman who laughs at his jokes, but is also a best friend. “She’s someone who can challenge me and be supportive.” Contact:
Lisa Harkins
38, Lewes, is a registered dietician who loves to hang at the beach on sunny days. But don’t darken her spirits with negativity or sarcasm, and don’t stand too close to her in the grocery store line—that’s a pet peeve. Lisa dreams of writing a best-seller, but she’d settle for her own beach house. Her “funny, athletic, positive, trustworthy, and smart” future mate will laugh at her jokes, and he’ll “respect and adore me.” Contact:

Dave’s Hair by Chad Chinski, Lisa’s hair by David Bakey, all makeup by Jeremy Clark, all of Trilogy Salon & Day Spa of Newark Photographed at the Stone Balloon Winehouse in Newark

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Photograph by Jared Castaldi
From left:
Nick Adams
27, Dover, labors as our deputy state treasurer. In his spare time, he’s coaching high school lacrosse. He likes to throw on jeans, have a few beers and enjoy great conversation over dinner. An attractive mate is great, but “personality is huge to me,” he says. “Looks fade, so it boils down to finding someone I could talk to forever.” Contact:
Stanislava Petrikova
29, Newark, is happiest when her life “doesn’t follow a routine.” But don’t be fooled by her unhampered lifestyle. Stanislava has a head for business, and will soon have her MBA to prove it. She seeks an “intelligent and tolerant” soul who wants to travel the world and help her create “the perfect balance between career and family.” Contact:
Laine Pace
48, Wilmington, is a marketing manager with exactly 12 dreams. Two include purchasing a fully restored ’57 convertible T-bird and taking a submersible to the Titanic. Adventuresome types can find Laine playing golf, volunteering at an animal shelter or running marathons. Don’t put her in a room with a bunch of narcissists. “It’s the one situation where I couldn’t put a positive spin on the circumstances,” she says. Contact:

Nick’s Hair by Chad Chinski, Stanislava’s hair by David Bakey, Lane’s hair by Jeremy Clark, all makeup by Jeremy Clark, all of Trilogy Salon & Day Spa of Newark Photographed at the Stone Balloon Winehouse in Newark

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Photograph by Jared Castaldi
From left:
Arianne Missimer
29, Newark, needs a mate who is part Trump, part Astaire. He can hold his own on the dance floor, but is as ambitious as she is. She’s a busy lady: registered dietician, dancer, performer, gym owner. And she’s working on her doctorate. She’ll make time for a quality guy who delivers on his promises. Contact:
Warren Wetherbee
63, Smyrna, will take you flying, but you have to ditch the stilettos. Warren likes to “grab the shorts and flip-flops, toss dinner on the grill, and pour a glass of wine,” he says. His self-confident and financially stable future mate will have “a youthful attitude, appearance and lifestyle,” kind of like him. Political savvy wouldn’t hurt. Warren dreads “those vapid, made-for-television events called presidential debates.” Contact:
Gina Aurora
32, Dover, wants to run a 5k race and play Snow White for a day at Disney World. This chamber of commerce exec also wants to sneak away for a quiet dinner with a “fun, respectful and genuine” mate to “talk, laugh, and learn new things about each other,” she says. Swing a spot at the beach with an ’80s band, and you’re in the mix. Contact:

Hair by Tina Grandshaw and Carmen Watson, Makeup by Jessica Utter, all of Toppers Spa/Salon Dover Downs Hotel & Casino. photographed at Fire & Ice at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

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Photograph by Jared Castaldi
From left:
Jean Diver
47, Centreville, is a marketing guru and professional artist who loves being her own boss—and loves Häagen-Dazs popsicles more. Don’t talk smack with Jean. She doesn’t appreciate “unkind gossip.” Her “Mr. Right for me” is out there, but she’d rather not kiss toads to find him.
“I hate reptiles,” she says. Jean is persistent, which explains her philosophy on life: “Just do it, then just do it again.” Contact:
Kitty Harmon
43, Lewes, has friends who call her Miss Kitty, but this licensed nail technician wouldn’t mind being called a missus. Earn a place in her chair by being educated, outgoing, friendly and taller than she is. (She’s 5-foot-8.) Kitty hopes to own her own salon one day. Contact:
Brian L. Wells
50, Wilmington, has a day job as a chemist, but he sparks other chemical reactions at night, when he teaches dance at his studio. Brian can do it all—ballroom, Latin, swing, hustle, and Country Western—but it’s not all about him. “I donate my time and effort by performing and raising money for those who are less fortunate or may be facing special challenges,” he says. Contact:

Hair by Morgan Ridings and makeup by Lori McMartin, both of Sherif Zaki Salon & Spa By The Sea in Rehoboth Beach. photographed at Béseme in Lewes

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