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Old Town Alexandria Appeals to the Foodie in You


216 A City B&B
216 S. Fayette St., Alexandria, Va., (703) 548-8118, 

The scoop: Instead of just a room or even a suite, you get an entire three-story historic townhouse, located only a block away from the heart of Old Town Alexandria. The free King Street Trolley stops at the corner, so you won’t need your car to get around. Plan to skip dinner if you’re going to take the Old Town Alexandria Tasting and Historical Walking Tour, a more-than-three-hour eating extravaganza, featuring regional cuisine past and present. $60. (800) 979-3370, www.dcmetrofoodtours.com

Cost: $250.

Drive time: 2 hours, 30 minutes, from Main Line; 2 hours, from Wilmington.