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Inspiring Delaware Women to Celebrate on International Women’s Day

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It’s International Women’s Day! These Delaware women give back to their communities, work hard for success and set the example for women in the First State and beyond.

This International Women’s Day, we’re taking a look back at some of the inspiring women recently featured in Delaware Today. Women in the First State are doing some amazing things. From baking and writing poetry to DJing and building custom beach homes, these women’s skills and stories are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

Brandi Gregge Supports Survivors of Domestic Violence on International Women’s Day

Mint & Needle Supports Domestic Violence Survivors in Delaware

Along with donating 10% of today’s sales to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Brandi Gregge also offers pro-bono aesthetic services to help survivors of domestic violence remove the physical reminder.

Marnie Oursler Is the First Woman to Receive the Custom Builder of the Year Award

Delaware’s Marnie Oursler Is Custom Builder of the Year

Marnie Custom Homes has built over 130 custom homes around the Delaware beaches. The National Association of Home Builders recently honored her with the prestigious Custom Builder of the Year award. Oursler is both the first woman and the first Delawarean to be recognized.

DJ Sophia Rocks Is the Youngest Performer to Take the Stage at Firefly Festival

This 14-Year-Old Delaware Native Rocked Firefly Festival

Being a woman in the DJ community is already a challenge. A male-dominated subsection of the male-dominated music industry is a tough nut to crack even for women with years of experience. DJ Sophia Rocks appears unhindered by the challenges, though. This young DJ practices for two to three hours each day, while also attending school and making time to have a social life as a teenager.

Kate Signley Married Passion and Entrepreneurship to Open CupKate’s

CupKate’s Bake Shop Is a Must-Visit Sweet Spot in Greenville

Kate Singley wanted to go to culinary school, but instead chose to major in marketing and entrepreneurship. She baked throughout college to cultivate her passion, and all that work paid off! Singley owns and operates her own bakery and has quickly grown a loyal following of locals who love her yummy treats.

Judy Mangini Was Considered for a Grammy Award

Delaware’s Judy Mangini Was Considered for a Grammy Award

Judy Sings the Blues is a longtime favorite for live music in Delaware. Performing around Southern Delaware for the last decade has certainly gained the band a following. Recently, an album of theirs made it into the first-round Grammy ballot. The album was inspired by childhood trauma, and the vulnerability along with the gritty blues sound gained attention throughout the First State and beyond.

Wilmington Native Catherine Pierce Is Mississippi’s Poet Laureate

Wilmington Native Catherine Pierce Is Mississippi’s Poet Laureate

As Mississippi’s poet laureate, Catherine Pierce colors the state with sharp and haunting prose. The author of four books and the co-director of the creative writing program at Mississippi State University, Pierce is one of the Deep South’s preeminent voices in poetry, often writing about its natural beauty (and natural disasters).

Elena Delle Donne Released her Own Nike Air Design

Wilmington’s Elena Delle Donne Releases Nike Air Deldon Lyme

Elena Delle Donne is a Delawarean worth celebrating on International Women’s Day. The Wilmington native and University of Delaware graduate is a WNBA star who has inspired young female athletes in Delaware for years. Her Nike Air design, Deldon Lyme, is inspired by her sister’s experience with cerebral palsy. The inclusive design features a collapsible heel, an upper that opens wide and a Velcro strap. Not only is Delle Donne an inspiration as an athlete, but also as an inclusivity trailblazer in professional athletics.

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