Q&A: Wilmington Blue Rocks Mascot Mr. Celery

The quirky vegetable who lives under the stands of Frawley Stadium has captured the hearts of the hometown crowd.

He’s one of the quirkiest characters in minor league baseball. He lives under the stands at Frawley Stadium and resembles a crazed escapee from “Veggie Tales.” The reclusive veggie only comes out during home games, each time the Rocks score a run. He sprints around behind home plate, dances and high-fives fans while Blur’s “Song 2” blares over the loudspeakers—woo hoo! But he’s no laughingstalk—the hometown crowd has come to adore him.

DT: How old are you?
MC: I’m 19. I was born in 2000.

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Any family?
I consider everyone at the ballpark my family!

What do you do in your spare time?
I just try to rest and stay fresh for the games.

Favorite music group, movie, author, podcast?
Top five bands: Blur, Blur, Blur, Blur and Blur.  

You’ve always been kind of an enigma. Is your Twitter account (@WooHooCelery) a sign that you’re ready for the spotlight? Maybe even the world stage?
The world ain’t ready for a veggie like me! This has the makings of a rap song.

You were named the most terrifying sports mascot in Delaware. Are you cool with that?
The fear of vegetables is known as lachanophobia, and sadly it’s a real thing.

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How do you and Rocky Bluewinkle get along?
He’s my main man—my best friend.

Do you feel like you’ve been living in his shadow all these years?
No resentment. There’s enough shine for both of us.

Whose merchandise sells better?
You already know.

Don’t you think “Song 2” is so 20 minutes ago? Have you thought about updating your song? What would the new one be?
You bite your tongue. I guess while we’re at it, we should tear down the pyramids and repaint the Sistine Chapel. You don’t mess with perfection.

What’s your favorite vegetable?

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Are you a vegetarian? Wouldn’t that make you a cannibal?
Vegetables are friends, not food.

What’s your favorite snack at Frawley Stadium?
The little spray of water Goldie the groundskeeper gives me when he’s watering the field.

Tell us something no one knows about you.
I’m an Aries.

Wilmington Blue Rocks Mascot Mr. Celery

Photo by Luigi Ciuffetelli

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