This Delaware Author Encourages Children to Grow and Shine

Photo by Hannah Duncan

Rehoboth Beach healer, meditation guide and life coach Sarah Vie helps others find their light through a series of children’s books.

Sarah Vie was a fearful and emotional child, which colored what was supposed to be a time of spirited play and innocence. She desperately wished there was a book or other resource to provide comfort and foster emotional healing.

The birth of her granddaughter, Lei Lei, a year ago, felt like the perfect time to create such a book for children (and adults) to help them see the irrepressible spirit and wonder in each of us.

Lei Lei, who loves to play along the shore at Vie’s Rehoboth Beach home, enjoys when her Glammy (a combination of glamourous and granny) reads her the book.

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In her new children’s book, Vie takes young readers on a guided journey that offers lessons on how to meet the challenges of everyday life./Book jacket illustration by Juliana Brykova

Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine: The Little Girl Who Never Stopped Believing in Herself is dedicated to all young readers and carries a wish that they discover their “golden light and keep shining, always.”

“I didn’t know when I was growing up that the self-doubt and angst I was experiencing were normal,” Vie explains. “Most of us go through some kind of trauma, so I wrote this for my granddaughter, and for the next generation to come, who are all so innocent and filled with love and life.”

Also an energy healer, meditation guide and life coach, Vie spreads her positive energy and shares vital life lessons through the book, adorned with beautiful illustrations by Juliana Brykova.

“If I can show just one little person how to believe in themselves, my book has been a huge success,” she explains. “The book truly represents what I wished I had known when I was very young.”

When your friends leave you out, your teacher says your work is just not right, or when the lights go out at the end of the day and you are feeling afraid, the book tell us, “gently close your eyes, take a deep breath…feel your heartbeat, that is you, and feel your inner golden sparkle shine.”

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Vie’s broader mission is to help adults clear generations of trauma and dysfunction, and heal themselves so that the next generation can live happy, confident and empowered lives.

What concerns the author is the abundance of societal judgment for people with differences, difficulties or disabilities of any kind.

“We kill our true selves in order to listen to judgment and comparison when people say you are this or that,” she explains. “As children and adults, we become the labels that we are given.”

For Vie, it all comes down to mindset. She says she truly believes that “we already have in our lives everything that we want,” so her work revolves around helping people let go of their limitations and whatever is preventing them from attaining their goals.

Spiritual and energy healer Sarah Vie turns to a new modality to help children and adults alike discover their inner power: Prose./Photo by Hannah Duncan

“We have to remember that everything we want in our life is right there within our grasp, but what is blocking it is the beliefs we have held onto from our ancestors and the energy we are picking up from there,” she says. “I relate it to taking out all the furniture to redecorate and making room for the new items. We have to be open in order to attract it.”

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Used for a decade as a retreat, Vie’s Rehoboth home became her permanent residence two years ago.

In the fall, she will offer an “Embody Your Being Retreat” at her home to focus on meditation and inner-child healing. She’s also working on two more books: a children’s book that helps youngsters recognize emotions that her alter ego “Little Vie” offers from the tools in her “golden toolbox,” and Heal Yourself to Heal your Children: How to Transform Your Past to Change Your Future for adults.

“I can’t wait to share both of these and help the healing we all need to begin in earnest,” she says. “I want everyone to believe in themselves and live a life of their own making.”

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