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Spice & Tea Exchange offers something new to Rehoboth Beach


photo courtesy of spice & tea exchange

“It’s a real sensory experience. You walk in, and the aroma just hits you,” says Brenda Pfautsch, manager of the nearly year-old Spice & Tea Exchange in Rehoboth Beach. Agreed. With jar-lined shelves full of its namesake spices and teas, as well as cooking herbs, seasoned salts and olive oil blends, the store attracted a fast following of shoppers who are looking to stock their home kitchens, plus find unique gifts. Overwhelmed by Worcestershire powder, hickory dust or real powdered cheddar cheese? The staff can help, offering suggestions for everything from salad dressings to barbecue rubs to ways to dress up your popcorn. And they can tutor you on the proper way to steep teas from Coconut Oolong to Mango Green. “It’s something different on this end of the boardwalk,” says Pfautsch. She says to look for cooking demos and other activities soon. (227-3327, spiceandtea.com)

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