Spray Foam Insulation

 Though unseen, one of the most important components of a structure is its insulation. Insulation can determine whether or not your home is quiet, energy efficient, and comfortable.

We chose Demilec’s Sealection Agribalance insulation for the EverLife Design home. County Group Insulation provided the material and installed the product. Sealection Agribalance is a semi-rigid, open-cell polyurethane foam insulation that is sprayed into the wall cavities. Once a thin layer is applied, the product expands to fill the gaps and seal all cracks. Not only does this insulation provide a higher R-value (4.45 per inch) than traditional fiberglass batt insulation (R-value of about 3-3.5 per inch), but it also provides effective air sealing and soundproofing barriers.

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This picture shows the product fully expanded in the wall cavities. Note how completely the foam seals air gaps.

Once the foam has fully expanded and cured, the excess is shaved flush with the wall studs.

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Traditional attic insulation usually is blown-in cellulose or fiberglass batt insulation installed on top of the ceiling joists. This means that the area between the floor of the attic and the actual roof deck is unconditioned (which is why it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter) and requires ventilation. We elected to insulate our roof deck with spray-foam, which means we do not have to ventilate our attic since the space is considered semi-conditioned. By doing this, the entire building envelope, from the roof deck to under the basement floor, is insulated.


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This picture shows the before and after of the spray foam installed and the finished product. Our exterior wall construction is 2” x 6”, resulting in a 24.5 R-value. Currently, New Castle County Code requires a minimum R-value of 13 for walls.



Don Waltz, Technical Sales for Demilec, and Mike Smith, Division Manager for County Group Companies, make a special trip to our EverLife Design home to check out progress.

You can learn more about Sealection Agribalance at www.demilecusa.com, or call Don Waltz at 981-3486. Mike Smith, of County Group Companies, which installed our insulation, can be reached at 420-0024. We have been delighted with the results of our insulation selection and are looking forward to our reduced energy bills for the future.



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