The Great Delaware Who's Who of Hot

They’re smart, successful and available. The line forms here.




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all photographs by Luigi Ciuffetelli

Linda Kurtz
24, Dover, television host-producer

When Linda Kurtz became Miss Delaware in 2004, television reporters hounded her for obvious reasons—and we don’t mean her good looks. The singer-dancer-actor is a skilled interviewer who is not at all thrilled with the usual notions about beauty queens. Kurtz will finish her master’s degree in business administration at the University of Delaware next year. Between booking guests for her Comcast show, researching for interviews and going to school, Kurtz parties hearty and hangs with friends at her parents’ homes in Dover and Rehoboth Beach. Guys are welcome to tag along, as long as they don’t lay it on too thick in the early stages. “Needy is never a good thing,” she says.

Best trait: Down to earth

What brings her joy? Spending time with parents and friends

In 10 years, hopes to be: A famous news anchor, married, possibly with a kid

Jim Baker
64, Wilmington, Wilmington Mayor

Considering he’s a politician, Jim Baker is more philosophical than you might think. He has written two encyclopedias about African-American musicians, after all. And he loves to gamble (not with city money, of course). If you can tear Baker away from the slots, you’ll find a concert lover who regularly jams in Wilmington, Philly and Washington, D.C., and who often takes his four grandchildren on trips to Williamsburg, Virginia. But he is more often seen at events with a different lady on his arm. Baker’s ideal mate is the independent type, a woman who’s already found herself. “I don’t need to help her search,” he says.

Best trait: “I can see what I want in my head.”

What brings him joy? Happy children

In 10 years, hopes to be: A happy person who’s writing

Michele Scott
44, Hockessin, business manager

Lest you think knocking the eight ball into the corner pocket will impress Michele Scott, keep in mind that she’s a state pool champion. Her dad taught her the game early on, and Scott’s been chalkin’ cue sticks in pool halls ever since. And there’s the glitch: Places like Bank Shots, her main haunt, attract younger sharks. Scott “doesn’t want to play house,” but this mother of two does want to travel and dance. Once a year she and some girlfriends seriously disturb the peace in Florida when they hit the streets in halters and bikinis. “What happens in South Beach stays in South Beach,” is all she’ll say. Some men shy away from financially independent women, Scott says, “But I just want someone I can settle in with at home just as easily as I can settle in with at a black-tie event.”

Best trait: Integrity

What brings her joy? Shopping

In 10 years, hopes to be: Retired—in South Beach

Cassandra Hopkins
52, Claymont, program facilitator and instructor

Cassandra Hopkins loves to laugh, and she can find humor in the darkest places. After her husband of 21 years died, she raised two children alone while earning a bachelor’s degree and building a career teaching business skills to adults in transition. Now if only she could find a guy who can tell a good joke. “Really, I’m all about humor,” she says. “Life needs humor.” Hopkins’ pet peeve is being stuck in traffic, but the rest of the time, she’ll be lighting up the room with her smile. She loves concerts and movies, speed walking and new adventures. “I just enjoy every moment,” she says. “I won’t get it again.”

Best trait: An understanding nature

What brings her joy? Humor

In 10 years, hopes to be: Semi-retired, living in Miami

Michael Rezac
36, Magnolia, teacher

Michael Rezac hated being an accountant, so the math and technology wiz became a teacher instead. His first day of teaching, September 10, 2001, was just the beginning of a hard year, but Rezac persevered. Now he can’t imagine having any other job. As for his personal recess, the fan of Ultimate Fighting Championship fishes for bass with the Dover Police Waterhawgs, studies jiu-jitsu and brews beer. He’s also a licensed massage therapist. Volunteerism is a priority. Marriage is serious business. Rezac has two requirements for a future spouse: attractiveness and a great family. “I wouldn’t be able to marry a girl who came from a dysfunctional family.”

Best trait: Drive

What brings him joy? Helping others while improving himself

In 10 years, hopes to be: Still teaching

Lina Carreras
31, Wilmington, paralegal

This pretty paralegal will be a pretty attorney in 2009, when she graduates from Widener Law School. She is also a gourmet cook who specializes in Spanish cuisine, but she hasn’t developed the knack for sushi yet. The right guy would make an impression by treating her to Mikimotos or Jasmine. When Carreras gets out of the kitchen, she rents a bike in Rehoboth Beach and plays softball for the firm. Her young son is a major part of her life. “He’s very resilie