The Very Big Salon Guide

Herein, the best salons and spas, with expert advice from their star stylists on how to look and feel even more abulous right now, and profiles of local style setters


Is it better to look mah-velous than to feel mah-velous? Local aestheticians will tell you that looking good begins with feeling good. And they can help.

Herein, the best salons and spas, with expert advice from their star stylists on how to look and feel even more fabulous right now, and profiles of local style setters.

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Camille Ingram

37, Avondale, Pennsylvania

As owner of Wilmington’s hip Studio 11, Camille dresses to reflect her store. “It’s for women who want to feel sexy. It’s feminine, sexy and classy,” she says. Her own look is “cool and stylish, but not too trendy.” Camille says style makes you who you are, and it can affect your mood, so she chooses colors depending on how she’s feeling. A self-professed “product junkie,” Camille is big on healthy skin care, using Skinceuticals products. On the average day, this natural beauty wears no makeup, but she’ll delve in on special occasions. Camille heads to Houppette Ltd. to get her products and shops online at Benefit and HQ. She likes M.A.C. cosmetics. For hair styling, Camille likes being able to see someone she is comfortable with, but who also understands her mixed hair type. She’s been loyal to a stylist in her hometown of Denver for 15 years and still flies back just to get her hair done. Locally she visits Salon Pasca, where she goes straight to the top: owner Natasha Latina. Camille likes to mix and match clothing, blending vintage pieces with couture or designer pieces. Above all, she likes to wear dresses. “You can just throw them on, and you don’t have to worry about if your top matches your pants.” She’ll buy them anywhere from flea markets to Gucci. Ever since her grandmother told her, “last thing on, first thing noticed,” accessories have been important to Camille’s look, and she admits to spending most of her income on them—especially shoes. She shops everywhere, but especially loves jewelry from antiques stores and flea markets. “I love to people watch,” especially in Los Angeles and New York, Camille says, which serves as inspiration. She believes everyone has a style. “We just look different, depending on what you do with it.”

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Pam Mancuso

47, Lewes

To Pam, style isn’t as important as how you feel. “When you keep up with the trends, it makes you feel good about yourself. It’s really important that I feel good inside.” She raves about the color jobs and up-to-date dos by Tom Perry at Salon Fur. She’s not a big fan of change, so she likes to visit the same stylist and get the same results. Because her mother was an Elizabeth Arden cosmetician, Pam has always been partial to the brand, which she primps with exclusively. On a typical day, she wears mousse, bronzer, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara that she buys at Macy’s or Peebles. “I never go anywhere without makeup on,” she says. “It’s routine for me.” Her fashions are all about versatility, so she strives to create ensembles that bridge work and play. She enjoys casual resort wear with bright, fun, tropical patterns that still look dressy. She can’t get enough of Sigrid Olsen’s pieces, so when she finds one that fits especially well, she buys it in as many colors as she can. Pam also enjoys the fashions of Tribal. She frequents Deanna’s and Jetty, where she once worked. To enhance her look, Pam wears accessories from Jetty, Piccolino and Tiger Lili. For shoes, she heads to the outlets or Marshall’s. “You never know what you’re going to find at the outlets,” she says. Looking at magazines helps Pam keep up with what’s in today. She also uses her very honest 25-year-old daughter as a sounding board. Pam says someone has to tell you the truth about your look. “You also have to be constantly looking around. What’s in style right now may not be what’s appropriate for you. At a certain age, you can’t be walking around in a mini-skirt and leggings anymore.”

Nichole Anderson Easton

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32, Dover

Nichole calls her look classic and tailored. She wears simple, tasteful clothes that look professional. For flair, she relies on fun, flashy accessories. “I like to look polished,” Nichole says. “It makes me feel more confident.” This busy beauty doesn’t stick to one salon. She likes to share her business with area friends. “That’s just the Dover way,” she says. And besides, her busy schedule keeps her moving to whatever salon has a good opening. For hair, she usually heads to Lords and Ladies, where the owner, Nichole’s friend Kathy Lords, does her do. Other times, she sees friend Jessie Allen, owner of JK Tangles. Kathy Lee of The Upper Cut does Nichole’s facials and massages. In similar fashion, Nichole isn’t exclusive with one cosmetic line. She’s changed brands over the years, landing on Prescriptives and Estée Lauder at present. Nichole prefers a natural look, so she doesn’t wear foundation. Typically, she uses under-eye concealer, blush, mascara, eye liner and lipstick. She usually hits the Macy’s makeup counter for Estée Lauder, and she is excited that the newly expanded Boscov’s in Dover now carries the line as well. Nichole loves White House Black Market in Rehoboth Beach because its clothes are easy to dress up or down. She favors jeans or black pants, short jackets and fitted shirts. She also enjoys Talbot’s and Anne Taylor fashions. “Accessories are key,” says Nichole. “They’re what bring my outfits together.” She raves about White House Black Market’s jewelry, but doesn’t shop anywhere in particular for accessories. She goes for fun stuff that catches her eye wherever she sees it. Shoes, she says, are huge. She spices up her simple look with a flashy pair of decorative or printed pumps. Enzo Angiolini and Steve Madden often stand out.

Yasmin Bowman


“Like your home, style is a reflection of who you are,” says Yasmin, a Realtor. “It’s not something that can be bought. It’s an innate sense. It’s all in the attitude.” Which explains her choices for beauty and fashions. She doesn’t feel the need to stick with one salon, so she has recently gone to Michael Christopher’s and Fabrizio’s. “I’m more stylist-driven than salon driven,” she says. Yasmin relies on innovative stylists to keep her out of ruts, and she enjoys the relationship and familiarity. “Seeing your stylist is like wearing your favorite old pair of jeans.” A former cosmetic executive, she likes exclusive high-end lines. Though she isn’t loyal to one brand, she often wears the French line Nars. On a typical day, Yasmin uses a good concealer, lip color, and a little bronzer on her eyes and cheeks. She recommends a powder eye liner applied with a brush. “It’s easy to use and it gives you a more natural look.” A big traveler, Yasmin likes to do most of her shopping abroad. “The Caribbean has great cosmetic lines that aren’t available here. It also has more color collections.” She describes her fashion sense as “active casual chic,” so she doesn’t wear any specific brands. “It’s more important that the clothes fit and are comfortable,” she says. “I also want my style to look effortless.” Shopping while traveling provides diverse looks—as well as wearable souvenirs. Boutiques are better than department stores. Yasmin loves jewelry, especially hand-made pieces and semi-precious stones. Of course, she likes jewelry from around the globe. “I like simple, classic jewelry with a good design. I’m not into big, flashy accessories.” (She says the best accessory is a handsome guy.) Don’t follow trends, she says. “Find what works for you and makes you feel good, then stick with it.”


2128 Silverside Road, Wilmington

, 477-1173 Opened August 2002 Avanti is a quaint, cozy salon with a personal touch.

Clientele: Men and women of all ages—and lots of mothers.

A-list: “We feel all our clients are A-list,” says manager Rebecca Reed.

Chairs: 3

Stylists: 4

Hair and beauty services: Cuts, colors, hair straightening, permanent waves and makeup.

Spa services: Nail care, facials, massage, tanning, waxing.

Package sampler: The Day of Beauty features a Swedish massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, lunch and gratuities for $212. The unique Peppermint Sea Twist is an aromatic body wrap that firms, tones, detoxifies and helps control cellulite for $95.

Product lines: Redken, Kenra, Pureology, American Crew, OPI nail products and A Natural Difference skin care products. Complete your shopping spree with accessories such as Sophaux jewelry, Christina pocketbooks and Lexee’s shoes.

Star stylist: For a great new do, see Susan Glendienning, the hair and color specialist. Rebecca Reed, the primary aesthetician, can take care of all your skin care needs.

This season: “Multi-color highlights and side bangs are really in,” Reed says. Keep your eye out for the return of the bob, especially the inverted version.

Look 10 years younger: Try a lifting and firming facial, Reed says, but don’t forget about cut, color and makeup.

Style statement: “When you look good, you feel good. Plus, in our society, you

constantly have to keep up with the media.”



Rehoboth Ave.

, Rehoboth Beach, 227-5649 Opened 2001 Avenue Apothecary is a high-end holistic establishment that helps clients reduce stress and feel good. Educating clients on healthy lifestyles is one of its main focuses. Its 22 employees use only all-natural products.

Clientele: Men and women 25 to 50

A-list: Jennifer Robino

Rooms: 9

Services: Massages, body treatments, foot and hand treatments, nail care, facials, makeup and waxing.

Package sample: Synergie Peel and facial for $170, Jurlique Zen Harmony for $210 and Pleasure of the Senses Massage for $175.

Product lines: Eminence Organics, Jack Black skin care products, Dr. Hauschka, Naturopathica, Jurlique and Pure Fiji.

Look 10 years younger: Get a facial and a body treatment, but make sure to also get a manicure and pedicure so your entire body feels soft and rejuvenated.

Style statement: “There’s more to life than just looking good,” say owners Tim and Victoria DeSilve.


45 Lake Ave.

, Rehoboth Beach, 226-1407

Opened 1993 At this cozy, casual salon in the hippest part of town, every service begins with a complimentary beverage,

a signature shampoo that includes elevating the feet, and massages of the hands and scalp.

Clientele: From “baby’s first haircut” to causal beachgoers to “senior socialites,” says manager Kim Dixon.

Chairs: 14

Stylists: 30, plus massage therapists, a physician and more.

Hair and beauty services: Cuts, colors, hair straightening, permanent waves, makeup, permanent makeup, waxing, hair and lash extensions.

Spa services: Laser hair removal, Botox and Restylane, facials, massages and more. Spa clients receive a complimentary “Finishing Touch” makeup or a skin care analysis.

Package sampler: Get the royal treatment with the popular Queen For A Day, which includes a spa manicure, spa pedicure, signature massage, spa facial, shampoo and style, makeup application and spa lunch for $310. The

Divorce Court

package offers a manicure, shampoo and blow dry, and makeup application for $75. Why? Because “looking great is the sweetest revenge,” Dixon says.

Product lines: Aveda hair and skin products, Wella, Sebastian, Tigi, L’Oreal, OPI nail products, Dermalogica and Obagi skin care, Jane Iredale cosmetics.

This season: Undercuts, deeper shades of brown and gold, volume, curls and bangs are all in.

Look 10 years younger: A $120 photorejuvenation tightens your skin by boosting collagen, which helps reduce the appearance of age spots and fine lines. Or try the Obagi skin care system.

Style statement: Dixon says, “Looking good and feeling good boosts your confidence.”


17314 N. Village Main Blvd.

, The Villages of Five Points, Lewes, 644-HAIR

Opened 2004 Concrete floors, exposed wiring and pipes give this salon an urban, industrial edge. Slinkys and Etch-A-Sketches keep the atmosphere fun and friendly.

Clientele: A strong male base, beach visitors and some “trendy urbanites.”

Chairs: 12

Stylists: 30, plus massage therapists, a physician and more.

Services, packages, products: See above.



Route 1 and

West Way

Drive, The Marketplace at Sea Colony, Bethany Beach, 539-7252 Opened 1997

Clientele: Beach locals, as well as visitors from as far as Philadelphia.

A-list: Ellen Rice of Ellen Rice Gallery and Tara of Tara Funk Grim Studio Art Gallery, who also decorates the Beauty at the Beach facilities with her art.

Chairs: 7

Stylists: 7

Hair and beauty services: Cuts, colors, hair straightening, permanent waves and makeup.

Spa services: Manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, massage and reflexology.

Package sampler: The Beach Refresher package includes skin cleansing, a manicure and pedicure, shampoo and blow-dry for $90. The Lady of Leisure gets you a half-hour massage, manicure, pedicure and European facial for $150. Go all out with the Beauty at the Beach package, which offers one hour of massage, a one-hour facial, reflexology, lunch, a manicure and pedicure, shampoo and blow-dry for $270. The Man of the Hour includes a massage, a half-hour reflexology and a manicure for $150.

Products: Tigi Cosmetics, Redken hair care, Rusk hair care, Kenra hair care, Dermalogica skin care.

Star stylist: Owner and hair stylist Susan Mikolaitis has been styling for 37 years, so she’s learned a thing or two. She works magic on curly locks.

This season: Styles are all over the board, but Mikolaitis suggests wearing your hair free and curly.

Look 10 years younger: “Everything has to be lifted,” Mikolaitis says. Pull long tresses back or cut them short and wear them messy.

Style statement: “You have to be an artist to do this,” says Mikolaitis. “A good haircut will last you four weeks, but a bad one lasts at least six.”


6 Christian St.

, Rehoboth Beach, 227-5800 or 1-800-425-2355 Opened 2002

At this destination spa (it offers overnight accommodations), a special floor is reserved for only those 25 and over, though family suites are available. The decor is comfortable and lush. You’d never know you were in the epicenter of a resort town.

Clientele: Corporate executives as well as families, especially during summer.

A-list: Actor Sidney Poitier and an unnamed U.S. senator.

Spa services: Nail care, waxing, massages, facials, body treatments, fitness and wellness programs, and more. Favorites include the Bellmoor Stone Massage and the Tropical Glow Body Treatment.

Package sampler: The Head Over Heels includes a massage, facial, spa manicure, spa pedicure and paraffin to hands and feet for $270. Guys can kick back with the Gentlemen’s Heaven package, which includes a sea garden body wrap, facial, and sports massage for $275.

Products: DDF Skincare and Phytocyane.

Look 10 years younger: Spa director Claudia recommends taking good care of your skin while keeping muscles firm and toned.


27 Terrace Road, Rehoboth Beach, 227-3861 Opened 1983 Boire’s opened in Wilmington 10 years before moving to the beach. Now three generations of family women work there: owner Annabelle Boire, her daughter Mary Colleen Grady (the manager), and granddaughter Alyce Grady, the salon coordinator.

Clientele: Men and women 20 to 40, but they also catch the younger crowd coming in from the beach.

A-list: Area professionals and Realtors.

Chairs: 9

Stylists: 7

Hair and beauty services: Cuts, colors, hair straightening, permanent waves and makeup. Boire’s is one of the few Delaware salons with custom hair replacements. You’ll need a consultation with Annabelle to get your 100 percent human or synthetic hair replacement.

Spa Services: Manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, massage. The Four Layer Facial for $85—four layers of European seaweed followed by two massages, a seaweed mask and a thermal mask—will leave your skin firm and radiant.

Product lines: Paul Mitchell, Matrix, OPI nail products and Back to Basics are used and sold in-store. Repechage is used exclusively in the spa.

Star stylist: At Boire’s, beauty is in their genes.

This season: Soft curls are coming back, along with natural highlights and red highlights (for those who can pull them off). Everyone, Boire says, should stay away from blunt dos—go for light, airy cuts instead.

Look 10 years younger: Depending on your age and shape, different tricks will help you shed some years, but everyone can look younger with a great cut that accents their best facial features. Boire also warns not to go too dark with your color.

Style statement: “Great style is what gives you a finished look,” Boire says. “More importantly, having good style is really what helps make you look younger.”


3003 Concord Pike, Wilmington, 478-0961 Opened 1982 A living room with a fireplace gives this salon a cozy, homey atmosphere. “It’s mainly an aura thing,” says owner Lucy Antonini. Bargain hunters can rejoice—the owners, dedicated to personal service, will often negotiate prices. “We’re not in it for the money here,” Antonini says. “It’s a labor of love.” Look for the little white house on

Concord Pike.

Clientele: Lots of families and middle-aged clients, equally male and female.

A-list: Bruce Willis and Demi Moore both had their nails done at Capelli when they were in town. Many physicians, politicians and executives, including George McKenzie of Hercules, are among the long-established clientele.

Chairs: 6

Stylists: 8

Services: Cuts, colors, hair straightening, permanent waves, makeup, nail care, massage.

Package sampler: Bridal parties enjoy full attention because the salon will only book one party each day. Girls can host makeover birthday parties, typically on Saturday afternoons, for $20 a child. The salon will provide your child’s favorite music and food while they and their friends have their hair, nails, and makeup done. Kids can even makeover each other.

Product lines: Antonini has spent a great deal of time in Europe checking out products and trends, so Capelli uses imports exclusively. It sells Framesi and Goldwell for hair care, as well as OPI nail products.

Star stylist: Antonini, with 25 years of experience, specializes in cuts and corrective coloring.

This season: Natural-looking hair is in. Shocking color statements are out. “We’re also seeing waves and soft curls over the previously popular stick-straight hair,” she says.

Look 10 years younger: Don’t go too light or straight with hair; it brings out lines in the face. Pull some of it back, or wear soft waves to give your face some lift. “You also have to make sure that you’re eating healthy and exercising regularly—it’s all about the fruits and veggie

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