Who Makes What?

Money makes the world go ’round, but how much green does it take to run Delaware? Take a peek at some of your neighbors’ paychecks in our latest Salary Survey.

CEO Megabucks Who had the fattest paycheck in the state?
(According to the Delaware Business Ledger, these are our top 10, via proxy statements from 2008.)

1 Charles Holliday former chairman-CEO, DuPont Co. $8,339,435

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2 Richard Goodmanson executive vice president-COO, DuPont Co. $4,684,187




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3 Ellen Kullman president, DuPont Co. $4,443,472



4 Robert Rosenkranz CEO, Delphi Financial Group $4,388,477

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5 Jeffrey Keefer executive vice president-CFO, DuPont Co. $4,286,206

6 Ted T. Cecala former chairman-CEO, Wilmington Trust $3,780,730


7 Thomas Connelly Jr. executive vice president-chief innovation officer, DuPont Co. $3,638,016

8 Paul A. Friedman president-CEO, Incyte Corp. $2,044,384


9 Robert Harra Jr. president-COO, Wilmington Trust $1,707,880

10 Terrence Schoeninger CEO of SNCC, Delphi Financial Group $1,530,360

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The AFL-CIO, the federation of labor organizations, has its own records of executive earnings. Here are some of its Delaware big guns, based on 2009 figures from salary.com (unless noted).

Dian C. Taylor president and CEO, Artesian Resources $577,874 in 2008


Betsy Z. Cohen CEO, Bancorp Inc. $498,552

John R. Schimkaitis vice chairman and CEO, Chesapeake Utilities Corp. $1,082,235

Robert Rosenkranz CEO, Delphi Financial Group $2,393,125

Denis McGlynn president, CEO and director, Dover Downs Gaming and Entertainment $403,217

Ellen Kullman president, chairman and CEO, DuPont Co. $10,028,535

Stephen A. Snider former CEO and director, Exterran Holdings (retired June 2009) $1,783,427


Paul A. Friedman president and CEO, Incyte Corp. $1,504,386

Patrick T. Manning CEO, Sterling Construction Co. $700,000 in 2009

Ted T. Cecala former chairman and CEO, Wilmington Trust Corp. (retired in June) $2,222,696

Mark A. Turner president and CEO, WSFS $628,842

Delaware’s Top Employers

1 State of Delaware: 13,900

2 Christiana Care Health System: 10,800

3 Bank of America: 10,000

4 DuPont Co.: 8,100

5 Dover Air Force Base: 6,400

6 AstraZeneca: 4,800

7 Wal-Mart: 4,600

8 University of Delaware: 4,004

9 Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children: 3,200

10 Mountaire Farms Inc.: 3,080

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How’s Delaware Paying?
Here’s the Delaware average compared to the national average, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Computer programmer
Delaware: $74,560
U.S.: $74,690

Interior designer
Delaware: $43,660
U.S.: $51,990

Delaware: $161,660
U.S.: $163,660

Crossing guard
Delaware: $28,800
U.S.: $25,430

Delaware: $152,300
U.S.: $129,020

Paralegals and legal assistants
Delaware: $52,410
U.S.: $50,080

Delaware: $19,840
U.S.: $19,030

Construction worker
Delaware: $30,490
U.S.: $33,190

Delaware: $88,350
U.S.: $72,740

Delaware: $68,950
U.S.: $67,430

Delaware: $48,060
U.S.: $46,960

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The FY11 base salaries of our public servants (according to the state Office of Management and Budget)

Governor Jack Markell $171,000


Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn $76,250

Thomas McGonigle II Markell’s Chief of Staff $133, 950

Attorney General Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III $140,950

Secretary of Transportation Carolann Wicks $133,950


Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock $123,850

DNREC Secretary Collin O’Mara $123,850

Alan Levin director of Delaware Economic Development Office $123,850

Gerard Gallucci medical director of Health and Social Services $205,750

Secretary of Agriculture Ed Kee $115,550

Heather Hirst chief veterinarian, Department of Agriculture Division of Thoroughbred Racing $90,005

State Auditor Thomas Wagner $105,350

Philip Morgan warden, Howard R. Young Correctional Institution $103,000

Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart $105,350

Myron Steele chief justice, Delaware Supreme Court $194,750

Spencer Epps medical director, Department of Correction $167,213

James Sills III secretary, Department of Technology and Information $155,450

Ann Shepard Visalli director, Office of Management and Budget $143,050

Carl Danberg commissioner, Department of Correction: $143,050

Wayne Lemons director, Delaware Lottery $102,250

Lawrence Sullivan public defender (retired) $136,050

The salaries for 47th U.S. Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi, and 17th Chief Justice of the United States John Glover Roberts Jr. were all the same, for 2009 $221,000


The default salaries for Senator Ted Kaufman, Senator Thomas R. Carper and Congressman Mike Castle were $174,000 in 2009, according to legistorm.com.

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According to Delaware code (Title 29, Section 710c), members of the General Assembly receive $42,750 in starting salary, plus additional compensation for committee assignments and leadership roles. Those include:

Senate President Pro Tempore $19,893

Speaker of the House $19,893

Senate Majority, Minority Leaders $12,376

House Majority, Minority Leaders $12,376

Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Joint Finance Committee $11,459

Senate Majority, Minority Whips $7,794

House Majority, Minority Whips $7,794

Joint Finance Committee member $9,626

Capital Improvement Program Committee Chairperson and Vice Chairperson $4,578

Capital Improvement Program Committee members $3,852

Joint Sunset Committee Chairperson and Vice Chairperson $4,578

Joint Sunset Committee members $3,852

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Making the Grade
The state salary schedule for educators, school administrators, and support staff is based on the position, years of experience, and education level, according to Title 14 of the state constitution. For teachers, a base pay of $26,276 comes from the state, and is modified based on several factors. The districts tack on money, too.

The base salary for a first-year teacher with a bachelor’s degree $26,276.
…in five years $29,300
…in five years, plus a master’s $32,553
…in 10 years, plus a master’s $38,625
…in 10 years, plus a doctorate $43,289

Yearly base pay of some other notable educators, according to the Office of Management and Budget, is:

Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery $155,450

Orlando George Jr. president, Delaware Technical and Community College $360,066

George Meney superintendent, Colonial School District $193,000

Robert Andrzejewski superintendent (retired) Red Clay School District $171,543

Steven Godowsky superintendent, New Castle County Vo-Tech $169,286

Sharon G. Kanter Milford School District Superintendent $136,188

According to the University of Delaware Office of Human Resources, the average salary for a full-time faculty member with one year of tenure $92,122

Average salary for a full-time faculty member with more than one year of tenure $117,344

Average salary for a male head coach $119,983

Average salary for a female head coach $86,410

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Nonprofit Leaders
(according to the most recent tax forms obtained from Guidestar)

James Wolfe executive director, Delaware State Chamber of Commerce: $173,381 base, + $34,000 bonuses and incentives + $6,465 nontaxable benefits = $213,846

William “Halsey” Spruance, executive director, Delaware Museum of Natural History $90,000

Dr. Robert Laskowski president and CEO Christiana Care $1,123,169

Danielle Rice executive director, Delaware Art Museum: $162,385 base + $15,860 in bonuses, other compensation = $178,245

Dr. David Bailey, executive director, Nemours $896,452

Lee Kimball executive director, OperaDelaware $84,000

Stephen Bailey executive director, The Grand Opera House $145,000

Working for the city
Want to make it big in our biggest city? Here’s what several key positions pay in Wilmington, according to its communications office:

Director of Planning Peter Besecker $99,505

Director of Finance James Jones $107,787

Director of Economic Development Joe DiPinto $101,865

Mayor James Baker $113,015

City Council president Norman Griffiths $34,950

City council members $27,650-$32,5000

Commissioner of Public Works Kash Srinivasan $107,938

Chief of Police Michael Szczerba $107,938

City patrol officer $42,529-$57,478

Director of Cultural Affairs Tina Betz $85,384

Administrative assistant $44,150-$57,521

Building inspector $45,260-$62,904

Code enforcement inspector $37,118-$52,155

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Photograph by Jared Castaldi

 Event Planners
Casey Kieffer and Leanne Silicato Make My Day Event Planning, Rehoboth Beach
Years in business: 5
Pay: $5,500 on average for corporate events, $4,500 on average for weddings, and $2,500 on average for more intimate affairs
Best part of the job: “It is always different,” Kieffer says. “Clients are always different and all the possibilities keep it exciting.” It all started when: Silicato helped plan her sister’s destination wedding. She enjoyed it so much that she left her teaching job and formed the business with Kieffer, a lifelong friend.



Rock ’n’ Rollers
Burnt Sienna
Years in business: 13
Pay: $8,500 per private party
Splinter: Former frontman Jeff “Jefe” Ebbert left the band in September, and they have a whole new group of five members, which is the same number they started with.
Best Delaware venue: Sunday nights on the Rusty Rudder deck.
Favorite part of the job: Playing music.
Least favorite part: Too many girls.

Personal Trainer
Craig Smith First State Health and Fitness, Dover
Years in business: Nine (including one at First State)
Salary: $50,000 a year
Hefty business: Smith graduated high school weighing 315 pounds. By the time he turned 20, he had lost 130 pounds. “My life mission is to help others,” he says.
Best part of the job: Interaction with clients. “They’re like family,” he says. “Some have been with me for years at a time.”
Hours: Smith trains six clients per day and spends four to five hours on administrative duties. What downtime? Smith trains vigorously, always looking for shorter workouts that maximize results for his busy clients.

Lauren Kushner Redfire Grill, Hockessin
Years in business: 3
Salary: On a good night, Kushner can rake in up to $250. On one of her best nights, she earned around $350.
Best part of the job: The energy of the restaurant, and all the loyal repeat customers. “I think they know more about my life than friends and relatives,” says Kushner of her regulars.
Tips on tips: Tips make up the majority of a server’s take-home income, so be sure to tip them well, so long as they’ve provided good service, that is. “If your server is someone that’s attentive and friendly and knows the menu, that’s important,” Kushner says.

According to co-owner Emon Zaki, employees of her Sharif Zaki Salon, Oasis Spa and Spa by the Sea adhere to a structured pay system depending on their guest count, client retention, client referrals, retail sales, level of education and the demand on their time. Employees can advance in pay level by meeting goals for nine consecutive months.
Level 2 stylist Michele Biordi has been on the floor for more than five years and earns a yearly salary of $50,000.
Level 4 stylist Courtney Turner, who is also a manager and educator at Sharif Zaki, earns $65,000 annually.

Dog Groomer
According to managers at Tail Waggers Pet Salon in Wilmington, dog groomers can rake in 60 percent commission per paying pooch. Dog bathers are paid hourly, between $8 and $9, depending on time and experience.

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Surf Instructor
According to Peter Zadowski of Rehoboth Beach Boarding School, surf instructors are paid per student, plus tips. Private lessons are $105. Group lessons costs $65 per person. A $20 tip isn’t uncommon, he says.

A good meat cutter typically starts at $15 an hour, says Haldas Brothers Meats owner John Eleutheriou.

A maid working for Maid for Shore in Lewes starts at between $8.50 and $10.50 an hour, which can total $55-$240 per clean, depending on the size of the house, says owner Juliana VanTol.

Full-time lifeguards on the Dewey Beach Patrol make an average of $11.80 an hour, says captain Todd Fritchman. Because Dewey is a certified lifeguard agency certificate entity, all guards receive National First Responder Certification as well.

Lovable Mascot
Wilmington Blue Rocks fuzzy mascot Rocky Bluewinkle earns $75 per game. Mr. Celery, meanwhile, makes $35 a game. An average Blue Rocks player makes $1,200 per month.

Photograph by Jared Castaldi

Jane Taylor Spoiled Girl Jewelry, Wilmington
Years in business: 5
Sales: $20,000-$25,000 a year
Material of choice: Fine silver. Taylor crafts anywhere from 15 to 20 pieces every month that range in price from $28 to $500.
Ah ha moment: Taylor loves the creative process, but also challenging herself with new skills. All of her pieces are one-of-a-kind.
Family business: Taylor’s kids “are kind of a touchstone for the younger crew. It’s nice to have that teenage perspective,” she says.


Photograph by Jared CastaldiBaker
Drew Hurst, Cupcake Heaven, Wilmington
Years in business: 3
Salary: None. All money goes back into the business, Hurst says. He earns a living through his other business, Beacon Safety.
Cupcakes consumed daily: One, though he tastes each batch of icing.
Cupcakes sold daily: Five to 700.
Best part of the job: “Meeting people and coming up with new flavors and creations,” he says. Triple chocolate is one of his favorites, though his lemon drop is great for a citrus craving.
Healthy dessert: Hurst has created five vegan, four gluten-free and four varieties of sugar-free cupcakes.

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A recent study conducted by careerbuilder.com looked at which industries are offering the best entry-level salaries, and which states top those categories (listed in descending order). Delaware ranks in the top five in several fields, including:

Actuaries, with an average entry-level salary of $48,750
New Mexico
Chemists, with an average
entry-level salary of $36,810
Washington, D.C.
New Hampshire
Market research analysts, with an average entry-level salary of $33,310
New Jersey

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