Wilmington Ranks No. 3 in the Country for Dog-Friendly Cities

And it’s not hard to see why. There’s a lot to love about dog-ownership, and Wilmington residents fill the required credentials by being conscientious, social and interactive.

I am not barking up the wrong tree when I howl that there is a whole lot of puppy love in the state of Delaware. According to Metrograde, a national research firm, Wilmington was rated No. 3 for the most dog-friendly cities in America. They factored in a pack of variables including number of dog parks, animal shelters, pet stores, percentage of dog owners and laws against animal cruelty to determine where 100 cities ranked.

I am not a bit surprised. Wilmingtonians embody the perfect personality of a dog lover. Dog people tend to be conscientious, very social and interactive.

Now doesn’t that sound familiar?

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I know there are many who think of dogs as children. I have witnessed the doting “mommies” and seen enough puppy pictured holiday cards to see just where our canine friends rate. I am not quite there but let me tell you how special my dog is.

Chipper is an English Springer Spaniel and he understands almost everything I say and he actually LISTENS to me. Unfortunately I cannot claim this about my husband or my children. Sorry, I had to stick that in because I have a bone to pick with my family on that issue. Now back to Chipper. He is always sooooooo excited to see me and he greets me enthusiastically every time I come in the door. I am always the first one home and with Chipper, I never feel alone. 

With all he does for me I felt he deserved a real treat so I took Chipper to Carousel Park. I often take him to a nearby field where he can run freely but this was quite an experience. Right in character he began embarrassing me by taking in all the aromas from the other dogs and people he could get his nose behind. Unleashed, he looked around at the rolling hills and picturesque lake, cocked his head to one side and barked at me. If I understood doggie banter, and I believed I did, he questioned if this was Doggie Disney Land and what took me so long to take him. 

So far you can tell Chipper is similar to many other canines. Here is where I think he might be unique. Although he will drink from his bowl, he prefers our bathroom fresh water running faucet. I kid you not. When I enter the bathroom, he follows me in and waits for me to approach the sink. As soon as I turn on the faucet he will barge in front of me and drink to his heart’s content. I patiently wait for him to be satisfied before I wash my hands. He will open the door by pressing the doorknob down with his paws and then pushing open the door to leave. Unbelievable yet true, I swear.

Here is another aspect of his personality that I have not come across with other dogs. He does not approve of anyone hugging or kissing me. He barks first as a warning. If this warning is not adhered to he will find his bone and by biting it feverishly dispel his aggression and quiet his annoyance. When my husband leaves for work he takes over his side of the bed and puts his head on his pillow.

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Chipper makes me laugh and comforts me. He loves me unconditionally. Admittedly dogs are not for everyone and dog ownership is not to be taken lightly. For dog lovers however, we couldn’t imagine it any other way. Kudos to all those who share in the puppy love. 

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